Why Promotional Products Campaign is Still Effective Today

Over time, promotional products have stood the test of time in the world of marketing. In fact, they are one of the oldest marketing and branding techniques. Branded gifts usually have your company’s logo on them. Recent studies found that branded gifts are still effective even in the digital era.

While you may think promotional merchandise as a technique only used at trade shows, it can be an effective tool for branding and advertising anywhere.


Significance of promotional merchandise

British Promotional Merchandise Association is a global-scale organisation that dedicates to evaluating the effectiveness of different promotional merchandise. Based on their recently concluded study, here are facts why you should use promotional products in the future.

• They are inexpensive, yet more effective than print, television, and radio advertising.
• Close to 66% of promotional product recipients are likely to remember your brand name even after a long time.
• It encourages repeat purchase. Nearly 79% of those that receive your promotional merchandise are likely to come back.
• Nearly 60% of promotional product recipients have a favourable impression of your brand.

Characteristics of an effective promotional product

Sure, everyone likes free branded merchandise but unique promotional gifts work better than generic promotional merchandise. Of course, general products such as notepads, reusable bags, pens, and USB drives are often most popular promotional products. However, for effective branding that makes a memorable impact, here are three factors to consider when selecting promotional merchandise.


For you to have an effective branding campaign, your branded gifts must be useful to the recipients. Usefulness in this context means something that they can hold on and use regularly. Some branded gifts can be kept even for five years, and that keeps your brand’s name and logo on top of mind for a long time. If branded gifts are kept for long, chances are that recipients will refer their relatives and colleagues. Note that not all promotional gifts take a long time to be effective.

Relevant to your brand

Whether it is an inexpensive or a more luxurious notepad, promotional merchandise should be relevant to your brand. Just because you invested a lot in branded gifts doesn’t guarantee immediate results. Inexpensive tea mugs and pens can be effective promotional products as they are used often. What should concern you is whether they remind potential customers of your brand. Make them relevant to your brand in some way.

That reminds potential customers of your brand whenever they want to buy products or services that are similar to yours. An example of expensive, yet effective promotional items include:
• Branded roadside assistance kits for an automotive shop or car insurance company
• Branded apron or tea mug for a restaurant
Branded pet products for a dog trainer or veterinarian
• Branded hand sanitizer for a dispensary

Reflect your company

Often, companies use inexpensive items as promotional products to cut cost. However, a poorly made or malfunctioning product can damage your company’s reputation. Even if these are free gifts, recipients will become disheartened or upset to learn that they don’t work properly. As such, it is important that your branded gifts reflect your company’s reputation. Not only should they be relevant to your brand and useful, but be of good quality. The idea is to find a product that not only promotes your brand but makes an impact to the consumers.

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