Ways an Enterprise can Gain from Promo Products

Promotional products are a helpful tool to use when trying to increase your brand awareness. Anyone in the business of promotional products knows the impact that these giveaways can have on their ventures. In fact, even the smallest giveaway such as a branded coffee mug and pen can be valuable to both your current and new customers. An enterprise can use these gifts to generate customer loyalty since their power is second to none, and leaving them out of your marketing strategy can be detrimental. Below are the ways businesses gain from giving out promotional products.

Increased Brand Recognition

All businesses are driven by a common goal of generating customer loyalty and building an excellent reputation. In fact, every enterprise out there wants to be faithful to its customers and stand out from its competitors. Nonetheless, many entrepreneurs often wonder how they can achieve this. Promotional products can be a solution, as customers tend to keep them for long so they can help reinforce brand exposure. Research has shown that 25% of customers feel impressed with a brand after receiving a promo product from a company. Moreover, customers are likely to use promo products such as notebooks and branded pens every day and can keep them for up to two years so they can help a brand to stay on top of customers’ mind.


Giving out promo products is far much less costly compared to the cost of other forms of advertising such as media. Branded products often use a word of mouth to increase brand recognition and boost cost per impression. In fact, promotional products can pass from one person to another, and their increased satisfaction can help establish your brand reputation. Research has shown that only 15% of consumers throw a branded merchandise away while 67% gives them out to someone else.

Increased Customer Retention and Loyalty

You can use branded merchandise to generate customer loyalty and bring more personality to your brand. Consumers are likely to remember the brand associated with a promo product when they have exposure to it. In fact, this can increase their chances of transacting with you and refer more people to your brand. Giving a gift to an existing and prospect customer can make them feel the need to stay loyal to your services.

Increase Leads Generation

Branded merchandise goes beyond just branding a product to generate more sales leads. Over time, promo products have proved their ability to establish an enduring impression on the current and potential customers and can help increase your brand’s ROI. One of the strategies to use promo products is to incorporate digital rewards that take website visitors to a landing page that can capture their data. Alternatively, an enterprise can integrate digital rewards into their sales team’s pitch.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Enterprises are free to print their name on any item and use it as a promo product. It can either be a PopSocket, branded coffee mugs, notebooks, or pens. In fact, businesses can tailor their gifts like business cards to allow their creativity to shine and meet the expectations of their specific target market. Attaching or printing an eye-catching phrase on a promo product can help bring personality to your brand. Businesses should always be on the lookout for the newest phrase that they can attach or print on their merchandise.

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