Why You Should Focus On Engagement Marketing

Engagement marketing is an incredibly effective marketing strategy that small businesses have been able to employ to help keep them in competition with larger businesses and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing this for your small business too. So what is engagement marketing?

Engagement marketing is a strategy that will give your audience and customers the ability to interact with you (and vice versa) giving your brand positive reinforcement. Through this, you will create an image where people are interested in listening to you.


This strategy works well for small businesses because you can communicate to your audience on a more personal level in order to achieve multiple business objectives such as:

Creates a Reputable Image

Creating a reputable image and a following which will come to recommend your products and services with a level of enthusiasm to friends family and colleagues.

Convinces Customers

Giving a way for individuals to help make a decision to purchase, in this way this customer has had a level of engagement that will make them much more likely to return as a repeat customer.

So how can you go about creating this level of engagement to get the most out of your small business and continue to build your success from there?


Assess who your customers are and what they are looking for when doing business for you. Since your main focus will be emails and social media, your online success is vital. With all the distractions out on the internet its very easy to just fall out interest with information that isn’t relevant, so finding the most important thing customers want and reinforcing this whenever sending out emails or posting on social media will benefit you greatly.

If you’re used to having dealings in person it may seem a bit alien when trying to interact with customers online, but its essential to humanise yourself when it comes to online. People don’t want to see information in a level of a formality, they want to see the personality in your company, and this can come from both status and pictures that are posted, as long as you’re sticking to the relevancy that your customers want then you should see a rise.

That being said, as great as social media is when it comes to interacting, you still shouldn’t be neglecting emails. Facebook for example has control over who will end up seeing your social media updates, but you have control over your email list and you know exactly who thats going to. Where one method has a negative aspect, the other has the positive for it so make sure to have a healthy balance.


Another vital component to your strategy should fall under one word: “When?”. When should you be interacting and how often? Creating a schedule for your marketing campaign is heavily important, you don’t want your customers to be put off by simply having too many updates that they cant keep up with, it’ll just end up creating a negative connotation for your company. Of course this isn’t what you’ll want, so setting up a schedule and sticking to it will not only help retain engagement through people being able to keep current, but it helps you plan your emails and posts more efficiently.

Dependent on what your business is, you may be doing more or less updates on either medium of contact. But to note, social media will lean more towards smaller and more common updates, whereas email will be for more important news and less frequent.

Keep It up and Don’t Falter

Remember that once you’ve got an engaged community, do not falter from your schedule and always keep the lines of the communication on the go. From here you will be able to see many repeat customers and further recommendations to your company. The beauty of engagement marketing is you’re able to adjust your strategy to reach targets quite easily and that, provided you keep current with customers, you’ll be able to see more traffic and customers to you.

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