Should You Tie in a Promo Campaign with a Charitable Cause?

Have you been experiencing some trouble with your latest marketing campaigns? Are likes, shares, and clicks becoming ever more scarce? Your first impulse will probably be to examine the fashionable status of your current inventory. But what if you do so and then discover that your rivals are selling as many of these items as they can keep in stock?

At this point, your only other alternative is to examine the state of your online marketing campaign skills. Is your SEO knowledge up to speed? It may well be time for you to reexamine your acumen in this area in order to determine if you are missing out on any recent trends or new developments.

Could a Charitable Tie-in Be the Gimmick that Sparks Your Promo Campaign?

What will it take to reignite the spark of customer interest in your business? If it isn’t the goods you are selling, nor the prices you are charging, it may be the way that you present yourself on the web. This is particularly true with regard to the image that you possess on social media pages. Are you coming across too cocky and self-absorbed? Or too aloof and distant?

As you scan the various ads and posts made by your competitors in the field, you may happen upon a very interesting trend. Many of your direct rivals may be using a newfound charitable angle to promote a series of free giveaway items. For example, they may be offering a series of “free” promo items in exchange for a donation to a local charity of their choosing.

This charitable activity on the part of your competitors may be giving them a whole new lease on life when it comes to instant and positive publicity. The items they are giving out don’t cost much at all to manufacture. This means that “giving money away” to a charity isn’t any skin off their noses. Meanwhile, the awareness that they raise – not only for the charity in question but for their own business – is invaluable.

How Could a Charitable Tie-in Work to Promote Your Business?

Could you make use of this same technique to breathe new life into your own promo campaigns? The answer is an unreserved yes. Just as your rivals are using a charitable cause to promote their own line of goods, you can easily do the same. This isn’t as cynical as it sounds. The charity that you choose gets a certain amount of publicity as well as the agreed upon amount of donations. You just get publicity.

Of course, by agreeing to “only” get publicity from the exchange, you may end up giving yourself a gift that keeps on giving for many more years to come. You may be able to develop a longstanding relationship with a charity that enables you to receive many years’ worth of excellent publicity. You may even ultimately become known as one of the leading philanthropists in your industry.

If you are interested in exploring this charitable angle to give your promo campaign a much-needed shot in the arm, there is plenty of info to be found on the web. It’s a great way to “give back” while giving yourself some support.

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