Your promotional items supplier tells you that the only way to achieve your logo onto a particular product is by digitally printing it.

There are a few reasons that this might be the case.

  1. Your Artwork is Photographic in nature
  2. Your artwork has colours blending into each other
  3. Your artwork is very detailed and needs to be produced in a very small print area.

In some cases a gradient can be produced using screen printing or pad printing but usually the gradient is quite corse and does not come out all that well…

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What is Branding and How does it Work?

Branding is a process that can be used on many apparatuses such as wood, leather, rubber, plastic, cork, soap, wax, and even some types of livestock for several distinct purposes.

It is considered the most economical way to permanently mark anything that is capable of burning.

It can be done either by an electrically heated tool or a fire heated tool, usually an iron or metal conductor of heat. Branded promotional products have been around for years.

The word Branding has also become a generic term that refers to putting a logo on a product.

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Transfer printing is a type of mass-production method that includes the application of an image onto a curved or otherwise uneven surface. Most commonly, transfer printing is used for the printing of porcelain as well as other hard-surfaced pottery.

Transfer printing has been around for many years as a means of engraving and printing symbols and pictures on difficult to manage surfaces.

Prior to its invention, images could only be painted onto these curved surfaces by way of hand painting.

In the promotional industry often business gifts and other promotional items are transfer printed by way of water transfers or other transfer printing methods.

Often when the logos are CMYK or full colour process a transfer printing method will be used…

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What is Litho Printing and How does it Work?

litho printerLithographic Printing or Litho Printing or Offset Printing

Offset printing is a process used to imprint flat ink onto paper. Offset printing derives its name from the process used during printing, where an image is offset from a plate to a rubber blanket, then imprinted on paper.

Though offset printing became prevalent during the early twentieth century it remains one of the most widely used process for high volume commercial printing.

Offset printing has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages. Due to the cost of setup for offset printing, low volume production is not cost effective.

The setup for offset printing includes the price required to produce film negatives which are used to create the plates which hold the image for the plate.

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Boris in front of our productsPromo Gifts recently had the honour of supplying Boris Johnson’s merchandise for a series of events. The main one being the Conservative Party Annual Conference in Manchester.

We supplied:

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When producing your promotional products we have various ways of branding or print of them using various printing techniques.  Below is a brief outline of some of the processes we use. For more details about particular printing techniques please give us a call and an agent will be happy to go through it with you.


Pad printing is one of those printing techniques suitable for almost all backgrounds and shapes. The design is first applied to a metal printing plate by means of a photographic process. The design is then transferred onto the article by a pad (a rubber intermediary). A variety of shapes can be printed by means of variously shaped pads. For most articles it is possible to print in one or more colours.

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We recently moved into our new fully refurbished offices based in West Drayton.  We have setup our new office with completely new equipment. All the staff have brand new computers that are considerably faster than their previous models. We have also invested in new Macs for the Artwork and Marketing Department. In the last 6 months we have:

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All the prices on our website are displayed as guide prices.  We are a promotional merchandise distributor.  This means that we do not hold stock or print the items ourselves.   We use our expertise in the industry to locate the best prices for the products you are looking for. A lot of our products are bought in from the far east and these products are subject to various different costs.

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I love it when a plan comes together,  I’ve been sitting here working late trying to fix a lot of niggley bits on the site that have been annoying me for sometime. The RSS feeds were playing up in feedburner with XML errors.  After some research I concluded that it was due to white space in the feed XML file.  I went through the index file and removed all the white space and hay presto its all fixed and our feeds look more beautiful than ever!  Why not take a look?  Click the link below to subscribe!

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