I’ve discussed at length before QR codes.  Short for “Quick Response” codes.  The code consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square pattern on a white background.  More recently, the system has become popular outside the industry due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes.

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One of the most effective ways to raise funds as a charity is to sell items – whether its second hand donated items or promotional merchandise, but the thought of a shop leaves many charities thinking its just not worth it – all the costs associated with a shop such as overheads, staffing and keeping a regular stock will mean for some charities its just not worth the hassle.

Ebay cuts this problem out and lets you sell as much or as little as you want online.

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Toy Soldiers children

The Challenge: The African continent has the world’s highest number of child soldiers, fighting in wars they don’t believe in, for causes they don’t understand. UNICEF extract many of these children from combat and reintegrate them into society. Our aim was to rally support for this programme.


The Solution: Sending out a direct mailer that garners support for UNICEF’s child soldier programme. Initially, the mailer appears to be a typical packet of toy soldiers, but once opened, the recipient finds that the figurines are in fact children – reading books, playing soccer, riding bikes and doing other childhood activities.


Results: The package went to UNICEF supporter mailing lists as well as potential corporate sponsors. Awareness is up, and beyond the desired reaction from the recipients, many compliments are being received about the unique way in which it was put forward. More than a simple message, it’s an ongoing reminder of the realities these children face every day.

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When I first got contacted a few years ago by the Sharpie Team in the UK. I was told that Sharpie had invested millions and millions in their ad campaigns across the world.

Even signing up the likes of David Beckham to their huge advertising budget.  I was sceptical at first as I really only saw it as “just another marker pen”.

About 6 months later the advertising stream started to hit the UK and I really saw the public recognition of these permanent marker pens.

Although available in loads of colours for the regular market. (As seen to the right). The image below shows an amazing interactive sharpie poster that has been seen around streets and bus stops.

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A big thanks to Maria Smedstad of emcartoons.com for the images.  A great little commission that has really bought some life to our fundraising ideas post. Maria’s Cartoons Have appeared in the London Paper and the Sun Newspapers.We first made contact when we built her home page a few years ago. It took us longer than expected as we just had to read her hilarious cartoon comic strips as we were adding them to the site.
You are free to Download The Images to use on your own blogs and newsletters etc.

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What goes around comes around
Poster of a sniper with the barrel of the gun running round the post to point to the back of the sniper himself

I’ve just seen this on another blog and quite like the sentiment of the poster.

This is the first in the category of Guerrilla Marketing.

I don’t want to go stealing loads of other peoples posts and pictures too much as we will rarely get many of our own gorilla marketing pictures as we are more into promotional items etc.

But I do love inventive marketing ideas like this. I saw this one here.

I’ll always try to link back to where I first saw the post.

If I see anything on my trips out in the big smoke, I’ll be sure to take some photos on my phone to post on here.

The anti-war guerrilla marketing poster is designed so the gun that the soldier is holding wraps all the way around the pole and points back at the soldier, displaying the phrase “what goes around comes around

I’m guessing this one is based in the USA as it’s from a US blog and the soldier looks very american in his kit and helmet etc.

This is the personalised description of my cousin on e-harmony.  I thought it seemed fairly accurate for not only my cousin but maybe for myself also, and probably for a lot of other people out there. I just wonder how long these fairly detailed but generic descriptions can exist on dating websites.

It seems so relevant but hugely random at the same time, It’s like astrology in it’s nature, although maybe a little more educated due to the customer input. Interesting what a computer can come up with these days. It almost feels like you have a personal experience. Anyway here is what the computer spat out…

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Building brand awareness is essential for any business. It doesn’t matter how good of a product you have or how great of a price you can offer if no one knows about it. Brand awareness allows consumers to recognize your product and desire it. Brand awareness can also lead consumers to trust future products simply because of the legitimacy of your previous ones. There are good and bad ways to build trust in your company. Here are the top five secrets to building brand awareness:

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Below we have started to build a great collection of Fundraising Ideas.

We are building on this all the time and welcome any additional ideas to be posted in the comments below.

You are welcome to use any of the cartoons/pictures in this post for your own blogs as we had them especially commissioned. 

 Girl Running a Race1 – Run a Marathon

Getting sponsored to run a marathon is one of the top ways to raise money for the charity or cause you support.

You can use a service like “Just Giving” to make it easy for friends, family or work colleagues to sponsor you.

Why not dress up as something weird to get into the Guinness book of records? Or… maybe carry a fridge all 26 miles?

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I’m a bit of an old hard house fan and I follow the Tidy Boys on facebook still. Although getting a bit old for going clubbing now I get a bit nostalgic every now and then.

I was driving home from London to Kent this evening listening to the Tidy Boys Weekender 2 CD in my car tonight bouncing away!  Anyway reminiscing on this post was not my plan.

Angie Mozart, one of the Tidy Boys better halves has a business that I would like to tell you about. When you really want to say thank-you to a supplier or a client why not send something sweet?

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