This blog is going to be a 3 part blog on Health and Safety and the main things you need to consider as a small company.  It’s not intended to cover everything you should cover but details what you must cover by law as well as a few good practise ideas you might also want to implement.  The following areas are going to be covered during the 3 parts.

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Image says a lot about a company but is that the same for a charity?  What would you think of a charity raising awareness of animal cruelty being dressed up in a suit to sell their cause out on the streets?

What about a charity spreading the word of God in a suit – is that different?  It all depends on the charity – for the most part charities are not about dressing up in your smartest attire to raise awareness, but they are about being relatable to the target audience.  

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Although redundancies are sometimes inevitable it’s best to try to cut costs in another way before resorting to this.  Redundancies are not only costly in themselves but they also reduce staff morale and mean a business could lose competent staff or create a skill imbalance.

Instead of resorting straight to this option why not look at doing a cost cutting exercise.  Spend some time looking closely at what is spent and what is wasted to see how you can better manage the business finances.

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Not all that on subject but fun none the less.  Someone just posted this on my facebook page and I thought it worth of a blog post.

Even though I missed the time somewhat.

Today is the time that Marty McFly set on the time machine to come to.

I’m not sure that we meet the exact expectations of the film but pff who ever meets the expectation they set their time machine for?

There have been some creative, innovative and brilliant marketing campaigns so far this year, but one of my favourites I have seen is the McDonalds campaign used at Warsaw Train Station in March.

This saw a departures board with a difference – details of how many McDonalds items you could eat before your train leaves.

This has no direct marketing on it, no McDonalds logo plastered on the boards, but just simple, recognisable pictures of the McDonalds food you have enough time to eat.

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As a charity it’s important to take advantage of all the help and support you can get and it’s sometimes difficult to find.

Having spent many hours searching for ways of reducing costs in some of the most expensive areas of running small charities I have found a few great places to get started.

Here are my 5 favourite places for providing you with some free or very low cost items:

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Just found this on a guerrilla marketing blog and I thought I would share it.  This is an image of a printed pint glass that was used for a new Guinness marketing social media stunt.

The idea is that it tweets, updates facebook, checks in on 4square and downloads various coupons and promotions that you can use to either buy guinness or win prizes.

However when you actually scan the QR code the link takes you to a holding page on  I’m not sure if the domain is not yet active or if they forgot to actually buy the domain in the first place.

I don’t want to point any fingers as the Guinness marketing department could one day be one of our clients 😉  But clearly something went wrong somewhere.

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I’ve been looking lately for a more secure and reliable place to store all our artwork files and customer documents.  We have for so long had a shared network drive with an ever increasing list of client folders in.

I wanted to have this backed up so that we could never lose the data.

You can easily setup a google drive account for free if you have a google account.  If you have gmail or use any of google’s other services then you already have an account you can use for google drive.

You initially get a free 5GB drive space which to be fair will serve the average user more than adequately.  We have upgraded to a 200GB drive space to backup all of our client artwork.

I’ve put together a step by step guide to setting up google drive and sharing a file or folder with us…

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