Over the years we have found many factories in China for wholesale promotional products.  It can sometimes be quite hairy dealing with the far east as you have little or no comeback if the goods come in and are not upto standard. At least if you buy off a company in the UK you have some comeback on quality of product and print.

We have learnt over the years who we can trust and have built up a handful of reliable, good quality suppliers.  We do have some language barriers that tend to be more a source of amusement, than a difficulty when dealing with the far east.

Some of our favourite phrases:

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Laser engraving uses lasers to mark or engrave objects. It is a very exact process and can be very technical. Often, the process requires a computer. The computer system would be used to drive the laser head.How Does Laser Engraving Work?

Most laser engraving work is done by a laser engraving machine. The machine has a laser, surface and a controller.

There are three types of engraving machines.

The most commonly used one is the X-Y table. This table is stationary and the laser moves in an X and Y fashion to do the drawing. Sometimes, there are exceptions. Then the engraving machine is used specifically for odd-shaped surfaces, in the promotional products world there are many odd shaped branded items!

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Over the years I’ve found a few amazingly useful resources and methods that help me to create decent artwork from jpgs word documents and even scans of business cards.  If your a designer like me then you will know how bad artwork you receive can sometimes be. I remember a great cartoon from Digital Arts Magazine that depicted a boss asking his designer to photoshop a 1x1pixel logo into a logo.  It’s never been that bad from me but it’s been close.

Anyway I have compiled a logo redraw cheatsheet for you to use as a good reference point.

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What are Origination Costs?

We get asked this one all the time so I thought I would go into finer detail about what origination costs are.  We don’t charge directly charge any of our clients origination fees or setup costs.  We prefer to give you the final unit cost of your products to save any confusion.  We do however have to pay setup/origination fees to our factories/printers when we print your job.  Therefore the charges do relate to your final unit cost from us…

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I have decided to start accepting random pitches for guest posts on this site. We have a lot on content on our Blog that is useful, but at the same time some that is not so useful. Over the next year or so I intend to remove the not so useful articles and replace them with excellent content. I will continue to post my own blogs on the site.

Since I know the way many bloggers think, I am going to set down a few guidelines that I ask you to adhere to. Failure to adhere to these will result in me rejecting your post. Also, I reserve the right to not publish a post if I do not think that the quality is up to par with the other articles on this site.


Your post MUST be around the topics of…

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Price Match Plus 5% Discount

As a Merchandise Distributor we have access to the same UK Promotional Products Suppliers as every other UK Distributor.  However we also source a lot of our products and some larger orders direct from the far east, we have strong connections with many factories for popular items such as lanyards, wristbands and USB flash drives.

We will always get 3-5 separate quotes on each product you have requested, this is to secure you the best prices for your wholesale order.

If you have a cheaper quote than the one we have supplied, generally we will be able to price match and then discount by at least 5%

We have a huge supplier network and can usually find a better price for you. We offer a high quality sourcing service, and we are always aware that price may be a clients No1 Priority.

We may however decline to price match a quote, if we have concerns that we will not be able to supply a high enough level of quality on a product.

For instance: on flash drives we “can” supply upto 5 different grades of memory chip…

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What are Spot Colours and What is Process?

On our site we use the abbreviated:

  • 1 Col = 1 Spot Colour
  • 2 Col = 2 Spot Colours
  • 3 Col = 3 Spot Colours
  • 4 Col = 4 Spot Colours
  • Process = 4 Colour Process (or Digital Printing)

We use these mainly to save space on the screen.  But it goes without saying they might need some explaining.

When printing on promotional products the cost is usually based on how many colours you want to print.  This is because each colour is separately printed and the product has to go through the print process once for each different colour.

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How Does Screen Printing Work?

How Does Screen Printing Work?Silk screen printing is a process that dates back as far as the Song Dynasty in China (960-1279 AD). It is called silkscreening because in the 1960’s printers used silk as the ‘mesh’ which the ink came through before being transferred onto the material.

Silk screen printing has retained the name even though polyester is now primarily used instead of silk as the mesh screen. It is also known as screen printing or serigraphy. Screen printing is used for printing on various promotional products.

Some popular promotional items for screen printing are:

The process of silk screen printing consists of several steps…

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