There is a lot of confusion about what insurance you need to have and what you should have.  Some types of insurance you are legally obliged to purchase.  Insurance is there to protect you and protect your customers so it’s important you make sure you have all your basis covered.

What is insurance?

You should already know this but insurance gives you protection against a certain event that might happen.  You pay a monthly or yearly sum and for that you get peace of mind cover that if certain events do occur you will be compensated.  Amounts vary as does whats included so buying insurance can be a complicated process.  Your insurance policy will outline what’s covered and what’s not so make sure you understand this.

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Direct mail is mainly used by charities and not-for-profit organisations as a way of communicating with potential funders.

But businesses should also consider using direct mail as it provide a targetted approach to marketing services and products.

Having a database of customers and potential customers and being able to analyse these to target specific subsets of customers will allow you to reach potential customers and not waste time targetting customers who won’t be interested.

Its easily measurable as well in whatever form you choose to direct mail – the easiest being via a special offer mailout.

But to get that added extra with your direct mail you need to be a bit creative.

Many businesses or customers receive marketing letters through the post all the time, so most of these are overlooked and thrown away.

But make your direct mail stand out and your in with a good chance of it being opened and read.

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What is Facebook?

You should already know the answer to this – this era of business has grown up on facebook yet some businesses still aren’t embracing it.

But for those of you who haven’t sussed out what facebook is yet here you go:

Facebook is a social network, allowing people to interact and share with each other.

It allows you to connect with the people around you in whatever way you want, sharing photos and videos, sharing your thoughts, setting up events, playing games, joining common interest groups and endless amounts of other ways of interacting with the world around you. 

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Recession, recession, recession, that’s all we’ve been hearing about for what seems like ages!

Redundancies, restructures, cost cutting and lean working are just some of the ways businesses are reducing costs to get through this hard times.

But at the same time you can’t scrimp too much on those all important marketing tools or you will fade into the background.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, now’s the time to think differently.

This doesn’t mean investing more money in your marketing but instead approach it differently.

If your budget for promotional products is reduced, use it more wisely.

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lynx apologising to harryWhenever something ‘big’ happens in the world that could be used as part of a marketing campaign, its a race between the big players to become a part of it.

The Olympics was one of the recent events which saw many businesses use to their advantage despite the tight advertising control Locog insisted on.

The latest so called scandal to be used is the current sensation around naked Prince Harry pictures. 

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For many businesses, trade shows are an important way to showcase who you are and what you do so your space at the show needs to clearly reflect this.

I’ve been to many trade shows over the years, from commercial to personal and have gone as both a seller and a buyer so I’ve gained a good understanding of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ for trade shows.

So here’s my quick guide to what to do and what not to do.

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marketing strategy signIf you business plans to undertake any kind of marketing you should have a marketing plan in some form.

This doesn’t have to be the most detailed of documents but there needs to be something written down that defines your key marketing objectives and how you plan to reach these.

Often businesses will launch into marketing campaigns without much thought as to how these will work, so they end up with a campaign that is unfocused, not targeted at any particular customers and brings in very little revenue as a result.

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I recently had a bit of a rant on linkedin that I though would make an interesting blog post.  Some names have been removed to protect peoples identity. And some extra bits added for theatrical effect.  My intention is not to degrade what was an amazing olympic games.

I loved the Games.

What a fantastic display of British Hospitality. What an amazing buzz around London. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish. I was glued to the TV for most of the events we were competing in and my fingers were regularly hopping to that red button.

But seriously… good for our industry?

Why are Locog so intent on stopping anyone from printing or displaying the olympic rings? It’s ridiculous. How do they even own the rights to this? It was originally designed in 1912 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games. I’m sure he would have not been happy with the way the logo is guarded. Particularly as he designed it as the coming together of continents.  Hardly sounds like the “olympic spirit” we hear so much about.

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