Online Advertising and Promotional Products: Making the Connection

In today’s world, millions of people all over the world go online to shop for products and services. As such, corporate leaders and small business owners who want to optimise their bottom line should access the power of maintaining a strong online presence that generates excellent conversion rates.

One great way to make this happen is by using online advertising processes to give away promotional products. This strategy is effective because providing prospective customers with free promotional products generates excitement and can increase online “buzz” about your brand. Learn how to use online advertising processes to give away promotional products by reviewing the information found in this quick reference guide:

1. Build Brand Ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are individuals who share information about your product or service line with other people. This could be a friend, co-worker, family member, etc. This process in incredibly empowering for business owners because having a client speak positively about your brand to other individuals functions as a form of word-of-mouth advertising. This is one of the most dynamic forms of marketing because people are more likely to believe in your brand when someone they know affirms that the product or service line is beneficial. As noted in Entrepreneur, “each happy customer can steer dozens of new ones your way.”

There are numerous online marketing strategies you can deploy to build brand ambassadors. Sometimes, the simplest and most effective strategy can be including Share Buttons on your blog post or web article pages. In so doing, your readers can share your content with the people in their social networks through a wide range of channels, including Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Once this happens, your brand will become increasingly visible in the online realm. To incorporate promotional products into this strategy, be sure to periodically publish pieces in which you give instructions for how your audience can attain a free promotional product. This can include anything from answering a question to signing up for a free e-newsletter.

2. Promote User Generated Content.

In addition to building brand ambassadors, make sure that you focus on promoting the production of user-generated content. User-generated content is content produced about your brand by clients, prospective customers, reviewers, etc. There are several types of user-generated content, some of which include:

  • wikis
  • blogs
  • discussion forums
  • chats
  • posts
  • tweets
  • audio files
  • digital images
  • video
  • podcasts

Promoting user-generated content is an incredibly empowering endeavour because it ensures that your audience actively engages your brand. Optimised engagement tends to result in enhanced visibility and conversion in the online realm. Once this happens, you’ll be able to share more and more promotional products with your Internet audience, thereby increasing the visibility of your brand in both the offline and online sectors. There are several ways that you can encourage people to produce content about your brand, such as asking Twitter audiences which of your products is their favourite.

Optimise Your Online Presence Now!

Business owners who are ready to give away promotional products in a dynamic way that promotes brand awareness and conversion should know that optimising their online presence can enable them to realise the objective. Use one or both of the internet marketing strategies outlined above to ensure that more and more people learn about your brand!

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