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It’s a competitive world out there, and making sure your brand stands out in a crowded market can be tough especially for small businesses. However, there are various strategies to grow your brand and make your mark even without the big budgets and grand marketing strategies available to bigger businesses. These strategies include the use of custom-designed promotional products to increase brand awareness while ensuring name recall for longer periods.

Communicating in the Modern Marketplace

Businesses have various communication channels to choose from when it comes to reaching the target audience. Finding a channel or a strategy that delivers the most impact at an efficient cost is a primary marketing goal of any company regardless of size. Research conducted by the Promotional Products Association International indicate that incorporating self-branded products as part of a marketing campaign delivers significant returns in terms of reaching the target market, ensuring brand recall and positive feedback.

Promotional products are typically distributed at special events, conferences and other social gatherings. Identify which events are most likely to be attended by your target audience, and participate in the event, using these opportunities to connect with potential customers, including distributing informational and promotional materials about your products or services.

Impact of Using Promotional Products

The PPAI survey noted that 89 percent of consumers report having received a promotional product within the last six months. Eight out of 10 actually took the time to look up the company behind the giveaway, and nine out of 10 reported that they somewhat recalled the brand, the tagline or any directional call to action. This is significant considering that a large number of consumers retain the promotional products for at least a year, ensuring repeated exposure to the brand and the message. Millennials were most likely to respond to promotional products compared to other age groups.

Reasons for Keeping Promotional Products

It goes without saying that almost everyone likes free stuff, but one of the goals of using promotional products in a marketing campaign is to encourage recipients to keep the product handy and available so that your business name and message are in front of them should they find a need for your product or service. As such, make sure to choose the appropriate items to carry your brand and your message. Consumers tend to keep promotional items that are both fun and functional. Well-designed wearable items appeal to a broad demographic and so do portable items for everyday use. As long as consumers have some use for the promotional items, these things will remain in their possession, which can only have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.

Extended Impact

Think of promotional products as gifts that keep on giving. People like receiving free and useful items. They keep them around indefinitely, which means your marketing efforts may extend beyond the impact of traditional print and broadcast advertising. Unlike traditional advertising, promotional products may be retained or passed on to others. The cost-per-impression is difficult to measure with promotional products, but it would be safe to say that including promotional products in your marketing campaign is more cost-effective than traditional advertising strategies.

Promotional products can leave a lasting impression of your brand and your message. Practical, trendy and unique promotional items can create a buzz for your business, but the true impact of your marketing efforts will last beyond that initial reaction if you give consumers something worth keeping.

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