Learn How to Use Social Media to Keep Your Reputation Positive

If you are the owner of a new small business, there’s a steep learning curve ahead. What you say and do on your associated social media accounts matters a great deal. In fact, it matters even more to you as a business owner than it would as a private citizen.

This is because your presence on social media is really the only point of contact that most people will ever have with your business. As a result, your every utterance on Facebook or Twitter will receive extra attention. This is because it will carry the extra weight of being an official pronouncement from your business directly to the public.

Learn How to Tell A Fan from a Trouble Making Troll

One thing that you will certainly learn in a hurry is that the response of the public to each of your posts is crucial, and also quite variable! There will always be fans who hang on your every word and will give a like to every post. However, just as you will certainly garner fans, you will also garner trolls.

You will need to be on your guard against people who show up on your news feed with the express intention of causing trouble. Never feed the trolls! Doing so only gives them encouragement to continue stirring up arguments and giving everyone a bad time. Ignoring or deleting trolls is the best response.

Keep an Eye on Your Page and Keep Your Responses as Positive as Possible

The way that you treat respondents on your social media pages ties directly into the way that people view your business. You will most likely not have the time to monitor and respond to every single comment that is posted on your Facebook page.

However, if you choose to respond to a few comments here and there, it’s an excellent idea to keep them as informative, upbeat, short, and to the point as possible. A friendly, encouraging, and businesslike response is the best way to define your style. Keeping to this rule will give less room for trolls and other malcontents to run wild all over your page.

Keeping Your Public Reputation as Positive as Possible is an Absolute Must

Another area in which you will need to keep a constant watchful eye is your public reputation. If you should commit a public relations gaffe, you will need to address it and correct it as quickly as possible. Always remember that your official company website and social media pages are the places to advertise your business, never your personal political or religious beliefs. If you have to walk back a comment that is received by the public less than favourably, do so quickly and then move on.

This is especially important with regard to the content that you post on your official company website and various related blogs and social media pages. Even if you did not compose a particular post, the fact that it is being made by your name on your official page means that the public will perceive it as coming directly from you.

Make sure that you read and approve every post that is made in your name, especially if it is being made by a handler or page administrator in your name. This is the best way to ensure a smooth and profitable relationship with the public.

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