How to Increase your Brand Awareness with Promotional Products

Growing your brand can be a fun and exciting thing to do. While increasing your brand awareness takes both time and money, it is an investment that is going to pay off big in the long run. Finding your own unique way of advertising will bring awareness to your company and it’s mission. With the use of promotional products, you will be able to give your potential clients and customers an item that they will see again and again. By simply using a pen or wallet every day, your clients and customers will be able to recognize your brand and associate it with your products and services.

Promotional products can match your companies main focus

When you are focusing on a certain industry or niche, you can be pretty sure that there is a promotional product that will be able to match your business. For example, if you offer golf lessons, you can pass out customized golf tees with your name and number on them instead of plain business cards. This will be a be a way for golfers to remember your brand while they are golfing. Another fun idea for a promotional product that matches a business well is a customized toothbrush. This is a great way for clients to remember their dentist almost everytime they think about their teeth.

People are much more willing to take a promotional product than a brochure

Getting your brand in front of your target market can be a difficult thing to do at times. The average individual goes through their day with a constant barrage of advertisements being targeted towards them. Our brains have really learned to tune this messages out and go on with our days. However, if you offer a promotional product like a lanyard or custom pen, your potential customers or clients will be more likely to incorporate your brand into their daily lives. Giving your target audience something that will actually be useful to their daily lives ensure that they will see your brand many times.

The proof is in the numbers

Statistics show that promotional products are one of the most effective ways to promote your business and build brand awareness. 58 percent of individuals who receive a promotional product will use it for at least four years. As well as consumers keeping and using your promotional products, 59 percent report to have a more favourable reaction to a promotional material than traditional forms of advertising.

You receive more when you give

Consumers are going to be much more willing to purchase your products or services when you are willing to give them something for free to being with. This works very well for entertainers like local bands or comedians. If you are willing to give away free wristbands or hats to promote your music, this will allow your new fans to advertise your band on their body for free.

We all remember being kids and loving the prospect of winning a free t-shirt. Consumers will love the feeling of being a part of something bigger by getting free merchandise. Not only will this be free advertising for you but it will also give your target market a great first impression about the generosity and overall culture of your business. If you are willing to give out free promotional products, this will start your business off on the right foot.

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