How Often Should You Offer Free Giveaway Promo Items on Your Website?

Offering free promo items to the public is a great way to increase exposure. But how often should you make use of this measure? If you do it too infrequently, it may simply escape the notice of most of your followers. If you do it too often, people may begin to take it for granted.  Is there a happy medium that you can adapt to make sure that these types of giveaways remain highly effective? Perhaps the golden rule is to put these giveaways on a definite timetable that corresponds with the highest peaks of viewer response to your posts on the web.

When is the Most Obvious Time for a Free Promo Giveaway?

You can start by considering when is the most obvious time for a free promo giveaway. This will naturally be major holidays such as Christmas. You should also consider promo giveaway campaigns as a source of free exposure in advance of major company promotions. 

If a sale is coming up or if a major new item has arrived, you can use a promo giveaway to draw attention to it. It’s a quick and easy source of exposure that isn’t costing you a dime. 

Can You Announce a Promo Giveaway at Less Obvious Times? 

You should also reserve the right to announce a promo giveaway at seemingly less obvious times. For example, if you’re in the dog days of summer or winter and there is no other reason to announce a promo giveaway, do it. Do it precisely because you need the attention and have no other way to garner it. 

Precede it with a well planned SEO blitz. Is it making a mountain out of a molehill? Yes, and that’s precisely your best reason to do it. It’s up to you to do everything in your power to keep your likes and clicks as high as possible and this is a great way to achieve that goal.

What are the Best Kinds of Items to Feature in a Promo Giveaway? 

The best kind of item to feature in a promo giveaway is the item that fits in most closely with your basic stock. It should also be an item that can easily encapsulate the image that you desire to project to the public. 

A USB stick that is branded with your company logo and website URL is a “one size fits all” item to resort to in a pinch. This item is cheap to manufacture and easy to give away. Recipients may very likely pass them on to friends. This makes them the perfect promo item.

Don’t Overuse Promo Giveaways as a Source of Quick Attention

Although the benefits of using a free promo giveaway as a source of attention have been clearly alluded to, there is a major caveat. You should never overuse this trick as a means of getting exposure for your business. 

While people love to receive free items with their orders or simply for winning some kind of contest, there is a limit to their gratitude. If you use this technique too often, you can cheapen it and lessen its effectiveness. The rule should be to use it liberally at the most obvious occasions but sparingly during dull patches.

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