Find out How Web Content Can be Used to Convert Online Leads to Clients

In an ideal situation, every organization should convert each lead, be it an online inquiry or a walk-in client into an opportunity. This article seeks to demonstrate how a simple but ideal re-marketing strategy; content creation can aid in keeping organizations well above board and likewise retain their industry relevance.

Remember that the content is representative of your company’s image and as such, it should be developed unhurriedly and with enough effort. Errors should be corrected before posting it, and it should be conversational and neat.

Content creation and learning resources

Content creation for your website not only increases your brand’s visibility but also creates the impression that you are an industry master to your potential clients.This can be in the form of blog posts, how-to guides, and tutorials.

The content should be determined by such factors as products’ feedback, current market trends, frequently searched keywords and competitors’ content. Free content strengthens the overall image of the company and improves the clients’ dependability on your brand.

Driving traffic to created content

This can be achieved through the creation of content that engages your potential customers by answering specific inquiries, thus getting you higher rankings on Google. Top rankings give your organization a better chance of gaining traffic to your site, and consequently the best chance to convert such traffic into buying clients. The Internet has many tools such as the Keyword Planner which you can use to search what popular keywords will result in the most traffic.

The use of social media

Joining of social media platforms such as LinkedIn Groups opens up avenues to reinforce connections through the involvement of like-minded individuals. It offers an opportunity to interact with people with experience, industry affiliations, necessary aptitudes and similar objectives. Moreover, it gives you the chance to showcase your content. In such groups, caution should be taken so as not be a spammer or appear too sales-y, as such actions may cause you to be banned.

The use of e-mail opt-ins

Clients at one point will want to obtain any relevant information you have provided. Consider creating such content in such a way that a brief overview is displayed while the rest of the information can be acquired through email downloads. A call-to-action section prompting people to download information should be included, a technique which will exponentially extend your e-mail opt-ins list.

The ‘double-op-in’ strategy is ideal, as in this case, every person who subscribes for a download is sent a confirmation email to affirm that they indeed requested to be included on your mailing list. This guarantees that you add no person against their will and that you will not appear to be sending spam messages.The clients can later unsubscribe as, and when they wish to do so.

The right content can go a long way in helping you attain traffic to your site and subsequently acquire clients. Care, however, should always be taken to cite the sources should the information have been obtained from another website. In most cases, this may help you gain backlinks as the cited sites reciprocate the courteous gesture.

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