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eco-drawstring-mainFor this Product in Depth we are checking out our Eco Friendly Drawstring Bags. Bags remain at the top of the promotional products food chain when it comes to success, and will be able to bolster your company with great visibility that will last a lifetime! Promotional bags may cost a tad more than your average promotional pen, but the value a branded bag can bring can greatly surpass pens.

Promotional drawstring bags bring the best of both worlds to your company when trying to promote your next campaign. Offering you a superbly cheap price whilst bringing you a huge canvas to print your brand upon, there’s no better choice than these eco friendly drawstring bags.

Order or get your quote on our Eco Friendly Drawstring Bags today

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lanyards-1For our next Product in Depth we will be looking at our Promotional Lanyards! One of our all time most ordered promotional gifts from our clients, and for good reason too. These promotional lanyards offer plenty more than their price tag is worth and we’ll be going in to depth on what benefits it can offer your brand below.

Lanyards used in a promotional setting have been gaining popularity year after year for their fantastic ability to leave a lasting impression that can still go on strong for even years. A personalised Lanyard is an inexpensive gift that can be branded virtually from top to bottom spanning the full length of it’s ribbon both ways and on both sides too!

Get your quick quote for our Promotional Silicone Wristbands here!

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silicone-wristband-main-imageReturning to check out our next Product in Depth in the month of July, we’ve got our eyes on the Silicone Wristbands! A widely popular and inexpensive promotional product that can see your company soar to new heights!

Wristbands have been a top choice for plenty of companies to promote their latest campaign. A promotional Silicone Wristband is a durable promotional gift that always has the capability of being in view, are proudly worn and seen as quite the fashion statement! The best gift is one you know you will net you returns, and last a long time… And with a silicon wristband you know you’ll have these covered.

Get your quick quote for our Promotional Silicone Wristbands here!

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rulers-mainThis Month on our Product in Depth we will be taking a look at these brilliant personalised 15cm rulers! Our top selling ruler that beats out any of it’s opposing competition by a huge margin, no pun intended!

Some may think that rulers generally tend to be restricted to the education industry or targeted at children/younger audiences… While rulers do succeed incredibly here and should definitely be picked up for any such promotion, their ability to generate brand awareness doesn’t end there in the slightest!

Get your quick quote on these branded rulers today!

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pp-colour-pad-mainThis month, we will be looking at these Branded A4 PP Colour Pads, a best seller in our paper category that brings a bright impression of your company to customers and clients. Everyone can use a notepad, whether it be on or off the job, so the target audience that can receive this gift is huge and an ideal direction to head in when trying to appeal to all customers. Notepads are a fantastic promotional product to pair with a pen and will help solidify your brand in front of your recipients any time they come to use their gift.

Order or get your quote on the A4 PP Colour Pads here!

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twister-mainFor our latest product in depth we will be taking a look at our one of our best sellers in our wide USB selection… The Twister USB Drive! Winning by a landslide in popularity, these Twister USB Drives bring the best of both worlds when it comes to combining utility, with looks along with value.

USBs remain as one of the most popular gifts in the industry, due to their universal appeal. Customers and clients are far more likely to keep ahold of a promotional product if it’s useful and our Twister USB Drives certainly tick all the boxes! Not only this but these USBs also have a great sleek style to them.

Order or get your quote on Twister USB Drives here!

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cotton-shopper-mainThis week we will be looking at another product in depth, and this time it will be our fantastic 100% Cotton Shoppers! By far and away one of our most popular choices when it comes to anything under the bags category, and for a good reason. The printed cotton shopper is simple in its design but possesses a huge printing area for your business to get their brand all over (and even on both sides!).

Made from 100% cotton, this shopper bag is built to last, with a small production footprint. Easy to carry around and keep on your person whenever you need to pop to the shops, the branded bags have a long lifetime and are guaranteed to give a lasting brand impression with an amazingly cheap price.

Get your quote on the 100% cotton shopper here!

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cambridge-mugsFor our Product in Depth for the month of November we will be looking at our mugs. One of the absolute top choices of all when it comes to promotional product retention, recipients just can’t seem to keep their hands off of mugs and always end up being used time and time again!

With that we are checking out one of the most popular mugs on our website… The Branded Cambridge Mugs. Also having been known as the durham mug, these printed mugs seem to be by far and away the most picked mug that we offer. It’s simple design and large printable area that wraps around the mug creates a huge canvas for any logo, slogan and contact details… it can fit it all in with ease!

Get a quote on Branded Cambridge Mugs today!

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ky0020_yellowOur Product in Depth this month is the wildly popular Ad-Loop Keyrings. Lightweight, flexible and practical, the Ad-Loop Keyrings ticks every box when it comes to promoting your campaign with an inexpensive price to boot.

When handing out our branded gifts, we naturally want our recipients to keep ahold of our products for as long as possible to leave a lasting impression in their minds about our company. With an Ad-Loop you can rest assured knowing that almost everyone can find a use for a keyring, especially ones as stylish and practical as these!

Order or get your quote on our Ad-Loop Keyrings today!

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popular-sports-bottlesFor our product in depth this month we’re showing off the Popular Sports Bottles. A best seller in it’s category, it’s no wonder they’re given the name!

Certified BPA free and manufactured in the UK, these printed sports bottles are made to be a great quality for a budget price, and can be easily dish-washed and put in the freezer without any worries.

Order or get your quote on our Popular Sports Bottles today

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