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Now we at Merchandise Ltd love some good old guerrilla marketing and are always happy to share a success story or one that’s hit the news or gone global… But we’ve never really mentioned whether it’s ever a good avenue to go down when working towards promoting your brand.

So with this, our blog today will be exploring what benefits you can get from guerrilla marketing and what risks are associated also with this so you as a company can accurately determine whether a bit of guerrilla marketing would be the best choice for you.

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As you know, we’re big fans of guerrilla marketing, and we’ve recently come across some news in Chicago that shows an absolutely brilliant level of execution that has caught the eyes of many across the city. This fantastic idea has come from the mind of a man called Sam Hayes.

Local to the area, Sam had been looking to advertise his new book “The Weather Man”, but with having to invest the high costs of advertising on a large scale… He had to find his own way around this issue, and did he ever!


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It’s not often we post infographics from other sites but we all read this one this morning and everyone in the office believed at least 3 of these myths. Personally my wife has been telling me for years that Oil stops stuck Pasta. Plus my mother and grandmother have always told me not to swim after eating. I’ll also be sure to reprimand my kids more and not put it down to sugar! Anyway Click Read More for the full Infographic

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We have made our first infographic, Hope you like it!

The BPMA has for the past few years, ran independent surveys across a large range of individuals in various industries and business sectors in the UK.

The surveys consist of various questions which have multiple choice answers. Using the data provided by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) we have constructed the infographic below.

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Guerrilla Marketing is a very unique, hit and miss advertising method that seems to be all about making the right impact at the right time, and that can end up being quite the challenge of knowing when to utilise it. Keeping a keen eye out for any new developments in terms of news or industry will always provide a good indication of when the time is right.

Royal Caribbean have recently used such an event to their greatest advantage and marketed fantastically themselves through this opportunity!


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There’s no limit nowadays to the power of guerrilla marketing, and even the world’s biggest are employing this tactic to reap the great rewards that this type of marketing has time and again sowed. Microsoft at the end of last year was set to open a long awaited shop up in the centre of New York, and were forming up all kinds of unique creative levels of marketing to persuade the population to visit the new location.

A flagship store for Microsoft, they’ve been employed their new found guerrilla tactics to get the news to spread across the millions of residents.


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During last year a show named The Man in the High Castle was slated to be released by Amazon, which to put it simply was about the aftermath of WW2 if Germany had actually won the war. 

An idea executed from Amazon had reached many newspapers and spread across the world almost instantaneously due to it’s rather extreme nature of advertising…


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Universal Pictures UK have clearly been doing some work over the weekend, planting a hardly subtle shipping container right in the atrium of waterloo station, with the words  “Danger! Predatory Livestock. Trained Handlers Only” plastered across the side. Leaving the shroud of mystery for only a few days, frequent commuters of waterloo found that in the coming days the locked doors would be almost torn open from the top to reveal a quartet of quintessentially lifelike velociraptors!


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To promote their new movie Ant-Man that is soon to hit the big screen, Marvel have been subtly placing tiny little billboards in discrete (and some… not so discrete) locations across Australia. Sounds mad to most as it does of course turn its back to what typical advertising should be… However for it’s Ant-Man brand it works so beautifully, and has gained wild popularity across the internet.


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