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As you progress with the growth of your company, you will eventually reach a point where the case of gift giving arises. Although business gifts giving seems to sound like a great idea to gain ground and solidify client relationships, there can be plenty of issues and holes to fall down. There’s risks on both ends of the spectrum, from showing off too much, to looking far too frugal, or even (albeit rarely) causing offence to particular members of a company. So how can you tackle the many issues that befall your goodwill?


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crop-icon_b15202ca18fdccd2ee55f4821681021bMany suppliers send their images out in all shapes and sizes. These can be hard to work with sometimes as websites and quote software can sometimes do strange things with long and wide images.

They are also all various file sizes and resolutions and generally have little consistency

Generally a website promotional product image will not need to be more than 500×500 pixels at a resolution of 72dpi.

There are various pieces of software that can resize your images on mass. None work with quite the same finesse as photoshop though.

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Face book business pages iconSo after a lot of searching myself it turned out to be that this is a fairly common problem that is around, but no real solution is available, so here I am writing on how to change your Facebook business page URL more than once! Unfortunately there is no easy way around this, its a long process and you should be aware that you will still lose any interaction and comments from other users.

HELP! I Accidentally Renamed a Facebook Page to the Wrong Username

To give you some context, I had two facebook pages, and I was meant to rename one to a certain URL, however I ended up making the mistake of renaming the wrong one, and turns out… that was my only chance. A simple human error caused a wave of issues to come crashing down on me like a tsunami and it was a bit of a catastrophe to start.

I tried submitting the issue left right and centre to different kinds of Facebook support requests, heck we even messaged Mark Zuckerberg himself! Naturally, he didn’t reply but I was reaching my wits end.

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the-watoto-missionWe are a group of young adults from the North East who want to offer our skills and experience to the Watoto Children’s Village organisation in Uganda. We were first inspired by the work of Watoto when we attended a concert by their travelling children’s choir in 2012.

We heard stories from the children about how Watoto has supported them to rebuild their lives. After shedding some tears listening to the heart-warming stories, the initial idea of visiting Watoto in Uganda came about and subsequently The Watoto Mission was formed.

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At some point in your education or your career, you’ve probably seen a bad presentation. You may not remember what that presentation was supposed to be about, but you probably remember your feeling of dread as a PowerPoint slide crammed with text appeared on the projector or the overwhelming boredom as the speaker droned on with a story that didn’t seem to go anywhere.

You’ve probably learned a bit about what not to do based on the bad presentations you’ve seen, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll be able to get up and wing a Don Draper-level pitch just because you know what pitfalls to avoid. Awesome presentations require careful thought, creativity, and lots of practice. Whether you’re preparing for your first college presentation or have given hundreds of talks at conferences around the country, you can always work to make your next one better. Here are 5 things to keep in mind if you want to engage your audience and ensure that your presentation is remembered long after you stop talking.




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What is Vector Artwork?

Vector art is one of the most popular art forms used by computers. Vector art differs from bitmap art in the physical rendering of images. Bitmap art renders images in pixels or several dots of colour. Vector art renders images in lines.

Vector art is often preferred because an image is rendered the way the brain actually views it and does not distort when magnified. Instead of .JPEG, .GIF, .BMP, .JPG and .PCX used for extensions for bitmap art, vector art is denoted by extension .EPS and .SVG. Typically, .EPS files are used for printing, and .SVG files are used for rendering images on the Web.

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charity money boxHaving worked for a charity before, I’ve written my fair share of funding bids.

And along with that I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and learnt from these.

Funders are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by charities and third sector organisations wanting funding.

So being able to submit a successful application is difficult and you will meet some tough competition.

Which is why you need to be able to write something that really makes the funder want to provide you with the funding and makes them believe in you as a charity.

Below are some top tips for writing an effective funding bid.

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I’ve read various posts across the internet with reasons as to why you should or should not outline fonts when sending artwork to printers or clients for approval.  The basic answer from myself is that yes you should outline your fonts.

Why Do We Need Fonts Outlining?

When we open artwork on our systems here we need to have the same fonts in our font library that you have used in your document in order to open the file.  If we don’t have the font then Illustrator will give us a popup warning telling us which fonts are missing, and it will reset the font to the default system font.

Generally we will then do a brief search on the internet to see if this is a non commercial and freely available font.

If it is then we will download it and reopen your file.   Happy Days problem solved!

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As a charity it’s important to take advantage of all the help and support you can get and it’s sometimes difficult to find.

Having spent many hours searching for ways of reducing costs in some of the most expensive areas of running small charities I have found a few great places to get started.

Here are my 5 favourite places for providing you with some free or very low cost items:

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