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At Merchandise Ltd, we are always talking about how your business can use social media to increase it’s brand presence along with how essential it can be towards creating success. It’s an often overlooked medium of promotion and marketing for your company that if you choose to forego, you could be looking at thousands of missed opportunities.

This involves not only effectively communicating with your audience to give a better brand image but also to help market your products, services or ideas that will be seen far more than you could imagine. But amongst all of that, one thing that has been trying to happen with social media is the incorporation of commerce, and this infographic will help take you through its history, current state and its future, helping you realise how valuable of a tool it can be for you.


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As the Holiday buying season is well under way, it’s proving to be one of the most monumental times of the year with Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales going on an all time record high! Thanks to Boostability, we’ve been gifted this year with a fantastic infographic that shows what the 2015 holiday marketing trends are shaping up to be.

Read more to view the most important points raised on this infographic, so you know what to do this Christmas… don’t miss out!


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We use shutter stock for a lot of our images. So we thought it was appropriate to share their colour trends infographic for 2014. Check out the infographic below to discover which colours are en vogue around the world, then scroll on to see which images they used to create it, and to explore six colourful image collections inspired by the 2014 Colour Trends infographic.

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When you talk about the business people who are making the biggest splashes in the current business landscape, you aren’t talking about old grey heads with years of schooling and business experience. As a matter of fact, you are talking about college dropouts and people who had no prior experience in their current businesses.

However, what you will find is the exuberance and fearlessness of youth finding new niches and trying new ideas, raising money like crazy and coming out with truly useful and relevant products.

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Christmas is a time when families across the UK come together to celebrate and in their own unique and special ways. Every family has their own traditions and tend to stick to them year on year.

Some will go to church, others won’t, most will eat turkey, but others will sit down to a plate of beef, fish or nut roast.

Each will think that their own way of celebrating the festive season is the best, but it might surprise you to learn that a lot of us have much more in common than you might think.

For example how many of you have roast potatoes as a part of your Christmas dinner? According to the official statistics the answer is more than 90%.

As a nation the United Kingdom will also drink 250 million pints of beer of beer and 35 million bottles of wine. If you want to express your individuality you’re going to have to do it with a glass of eggnog…

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