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If you are the owner of a new small business, there’s a steep learning curve ahead. What you say and do on your associated social media accounts matters a great deal. In fact, it matters even more to you as a business owner than it would as a private citizen.

This is because your presence on social media is really the only point of contact that most people will ever have with your business. As a result, your every utterance on Facebook or Twitter will receive extra attention. This is because it will carry the extra weight of being an official pronouncement from your business directly to the public.

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It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that social media is one of the main uses for the internet for both personal and professional means. What is surprising is that many businesses only use one form of social media as a means of connecting with their customers. Whether this is because it’s more comfortable or easier to manage, we highly encourage you to expand your online presence by creating accounts for your business on the sites you aren’t currently using.

In today’s blog we’re going to give you some reasons why sticking to just one social media site could potentially be hindering you. Whatever reason you may have for sticking to just one site, we think you may re-evaluate your stance on the matter after reading through why we think this is a bad idea.


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Face book business pages iconSo after a lot of searching myself it turned out to be that this is a fairly common problem that is around, but no real solution is available, so here I am writing on how to change your Facebook business page URL more than once! Unfortunately there is no easy way around this, its a long process and you should be aware that you will still lose any interaction and comments from other users.

HELP! I Accidentally Renamed a Facebook Page to the Wrong Username

To give you some context, I had two facebook pages, and I was meant to rename one to a certain URL, however I ended up making the mistake of renaming the wrong one, and turns out… that was my only chance. A simple human error caused a wave of issues to come crashing down on me like a tsunami and it was a bit of a catastrophe to start.

I tried submitting the issue left right and centre to different kinds of Facebook support requests, heck we even messaged Mark Zuckerberg himself! Naturally, he didn’t reply but I was reaching my wits end.

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Do you remember your business’s first foray into Facebook marketing? If you’re like most small businesses, you probably started out by setting up a Page for your brand and then posting content from that Page in an effort to get more people to discover and ‘Like’ you. All this was, conveniently, free.

Recently, however, Facebook has made it harder for businesses to find an audience without paying. The social media giant has rolled out several algorithm changes to their News Feed in an effort to ensure users see high-quality content that’s most relevant to them, which means users are more likely to organically see posts from their friends who are watching the same sporting event or TV series premiere than they are to see, for example, a non-promoted post from Bob’s Local Umbrella Shop (not that there’s anything wrong with umbrellas).

This boils down to less organic reach for businesses—in fact, Entrepreneur reported back in April that large businesses were organically reaching only 2% of their target audience as opposed to 16% just two years ago.

While some creative marketing might help your business find a slightly larger organic audience, it may also be worth the investment to pay for promotion. To help you decide, we’ve compiled some of the pros and cons of using Facebook Ads.facebook-ad

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If you’ve spent some time scrolling through your personal Twitter or Facebook feed, you’ve probably noticed certain businesses promoting sweepstakes contests. These posts will typically say things like “Enter for a chance to win” and will then offer up a prize in exchange for the contest entrant performing a specific task, such as ‘Liking’ the business’s Facebook page, submitting their email address, or subscribing to the business’s newsletter.

You’ve also probably wondered whether these social media sweepstakes are worth it for the businesses. The short answer is yes—as long as the business goes into the contest with clear goals in mind, targets the appropriate audience, and continues to promote the contest for its entire run in order to encourage entries. Here are a few of the benefits you can get from running your own social media contest.giveaway

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Email and social media marketing are often pitted against each other, as if one clear winner deserves all your marketing dollars. But why can’t email and social media be friends? In fact, why not use social media to grow your email list?

As you probably already know, your email list can be one of the most effective ways of reaching potential customers. Email is still the most popular online activity, with 91% of web users checking their email at least once a day. Perhaps even more importantly, the average web user is often used to  receiving emails from businesses, and 74% of consumers say they prefer receiving commercial communications over email.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy convincing people to sign up for your mailing list in the first place. That’s where social media can come in handy. There are several great ways that you can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to drive web users to your email

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Instagram is still a relatively young social media platform, and there are only a few brands that have really risen to the top as successful Instagram marketers. This shouldn’t deter you from using Instagram for marketing, though—it should encourage you because it means the platform has a lot of untapped potential. One thing that a lot of small businesses on Instagram haven’t recognized yet is that there’s a plethora of easy-to-use apps that can dramatically enhance their presence on the site. Try out these 9 Instagram apps for your business if you want to get more followers and increase engagement.instagram-apps

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When Instagram burst onto the scene in 2010, few people could have predicted what a social force it would turn into. Now, in 2014, the site has over 200 million active monthly users, with an average of 60 million photos shared per day and 20 billion photos shared since its inception. It’s increasingly becoming a force that marketers can’t afford to ignore, and it’s dramatically changing the way businesses think about online marketing. Here are four of the main ways Instagram is altering the landscape of marketing.instagram-marketing

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In December 2013, Facebook changed their news feed algorithm, and many businesses have seen their Fan Page take a hit as a result. The social media marketing company Ignite analyzed the change and found that on average, brand pages suffered a 44% decline in news feed views as a result.

While this certainly isn’t good news for businesses, the news feed change may not be the social media apocalypse that it’s been made out as. Internet marketing is constantly evolving, and businesses need to learn how to make new changes work in their favor. Here are just a few things you should keep in mind if you want as many qualified leads as possible to see your brand page on Facebook.facebook-news-feed

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When you create a Business page on Facebook, you’re able to create both a profile picture and a cover photo. A lot of businesses get hung up on the cover photo, since this is the larger image that will appear on the company’s timeline. While it’s definitely worth putting in the time to choose a good cover photo, the profile picture is arguably more important—it’s a smaller image, but it will appear on your timeline, in the newsfeeds of your followers, and in the comments and posts you leave on other pages.

Think of your Facebook profile picture as a visual brand ambassador. When your current followers see the image in their news feed, they should be able to easily recognize your brand, and when people who are not yet following you see it, they should want to click through to your timeline to learn more. Interested in what you can do to make that happen? Read on.facebook-profile-picture

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