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Although redundancies are sometimes inevitable it’s best to try to cut costs in another way before resorting to this.  Redundancies are not only costly in themselves but they also reduce staff morale and mean a business could lose competent staff or create a skill imbalance.

Instead of resorting straight to this option why not look at doing a cost cutting exercise.  Spend some time looking closely at what is spent and what is wasted to see how you can better manage the business finances.

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When I first got contacted a few years ago by the Sharpie Team in the UK. I was told that Sharpie had invested millions and millions in their ad campaigns across the world.

Even signing up the likes of David Beckham to their huge advertising budget.  I was sceptical at first as I really only saw it as “just another marker pen”.

About 6 months later the advertising stream started to hit the UK and I really saw the public recognition of these permanent marker pens.

Although available in loads of colours for the regular market. (As seen to the right). The image below shows an amazing interactive sharpie poster that has been seen around streets and bus stops.

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Building brand awareness is essential for any business. It doesn’t matter how good of a product you have or how great of a price you can offer if no one knows about it. Brand awareness allows consumers to recognize your product and desire it. Brand awareness can also lead consumers to trust future products simply because of the legitimacy of your previous ones. There are good and bad ways to build trust in your company. Here are the top five secrets to building brand awareness:

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