Can a Loss Leader Promo Item Be the Start of a Major Surge in Profits?

If you are the proud owner of a brand new small business, you’ve got a lot to be thankful for. At the same time, you’ve also got quite a lot to be concerned about. You are now coming up on the start of your crucial first quarter of operations. This will be the make or break period that determines whether or not your business has the “right stuff” it needs to survive. In order to meet this crucible head on and beat it, you’re going to need to pull out all of the tricks you’ve learned over the course of your career.

It’s Time to Plan Ahead For Your Very First SEO Campaign

You are now at the stage where your business is established and your official company website is up and running. Now is the time during which you need to mount your first SEO campaign. This campaign will need to reach as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. Keep in mind that it must simultaneously prove to be as effective as possible while costing you the least amount of money you can spare. In short, your first SEO advertising campaign is going to be a crucial experience that you will need to conduct as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Next Step Is to Choose the Perfect Promo Item For Your Campaign

What you need to ensure your success is an ace in the hole. In this case, your ace can be the item that you select to spearhead your first promotional campaign. You can select an item that ties in with the general theme and purpose of your business. This may be a tie, a T-shirt, a complimentary screwdriver, or a USB stick. The latter item is an excellent choice for a promo giveaway item since it is extremely cheap to manufacture. You can give away thousands of these handy items without cutting into your own operating budget.

How Can a Loss Leader Help Guarantee the Success of an SEO Campaign?

You may think at first that giving away a free promo item is a bad idea. You may well be wondering how in the world a loss leader can help guarantee the success of your very first ad campaign. The crucial factor to keep in mind is this: If you have chosen your item correctly, you will be handing out a promo that will actually do more than the item you are selling to bring in fresh visitors to your website. The item you are selling may or may not bear your corporate logo and website URL, but the promo item you hand out most certainly will. This means a wide range of free publicity for your business.

The More People Share Your Free Promo, the More Exposure You Will Receive

People love getting things for free. It adds to the value of their order and makes them feel that they have had an excellent customer service experience. People also love to share the free things they receive. The more they share your branded promo items with their family members and friends, the more free exposure your business will receive. This is the genius of the loss leader strategy.

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