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Corporate branding young personSeasoned entrepreneurs know that a proper corporate branding strategy is critical in developing a product or service to bring to market. They know that building a successful brand is a multifaceted task that takes time.

But suppose your ingenious eight year old has come up with a promising idea…

How do you teach the concept of corporate branding to a budding young entrepreneur like him?

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mug of teaSo you’re advertising for a new job, you mention the businesses benefits in general – the pension scheme, annual leave entitlement, salary, progression or training opportunities.

But what about those hidden extras which are often so important.

The things you don’t mention in interview but staff will find out about once you start.  How important are these seemingly small creature comforts?

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A Quick Guide to KPI’s

kpi arrows

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are commonly used to act as a benchmark for performance.

Most people associate KPI’s with large businesses as a way of checking businesses are performing to a required standard but it’s not just large businesses who can benefit from using them. 

Small businesses too can set KPI’s to look at how areas of the business are performing and where improvements need to be made.

Being able to use KPI’s effectively can help businesses plan for the future and learn from the past and here’s how.

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women looking sad after xmasChristmas is well and truly over and staff are definitely in that January Blues mood.

Nothing to look forward to over the next few months and no bank holidays often contribute to the rise in holiday bookings at this time of the year.

This makes it all the more important for businesses to look at how they are preparing for the influx of annual leave requests and how to cover the holiday periods.

Focusing now on planning holiday cover will decrease the panic of holiday cover later in the year and will give staff guidance on their entitlements.

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Why Should I Recycle?

So we’ve all heard about recycling and how everyone has a responsibility to recycle as much as possible.

But from a business perspective this can sometimes be costly in terms of both time and money.

So why should you invest in creating an ethos of recycling in your workplace?

We see many businesses now claim to be ethical and green but what does that really mean?

And how far do you have to go to be able to make that claim?

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snow forestSo Winter is well and truly upon us.  The cold weather has arrived, snow has come down in most parts of the country and people are starting to stock up on their winter essentials.

And there are many promotional products you could use to help customers through these cold, cold nights.

Items they would truly appreciate with the weather getting colder by the day.

So here’s my top 5 winter promotional items.

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Having spent the past week or 2 with 9 spread sheets full of supplier, customer and all our past order data and no where for them to go. I set about selecting a new piece of software for us to use as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

The term CRM is used very broadly in the tech world to describe a whole manner of things.  Usually anything to do with tasks and opportunities and project management etc is scooped into the term CRM.

Something we have been careful not to do with our new order process system is bulk it out with loads of features that go beyond what we originally designed it for.

ProMart is brilliant for managing orders start to finish and knowing where everything is up to.  However we needed to look at a database system that could look after customer interactions and was fast and easy to search for contacts and viewing all the extra information about a client that can be stored. 

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What is Vector Artwork?

Vector art is one of the most popular art forms used by computers. Vector art differs from bitmap art in the physical rendering of images. Bitmap art renders images in pixels or several dots of colour. Vector art renders images in lines.

Vector art is often preferred because an image is rendered the way the brain actually views it and does not distort when magnified. Instead of .JPEG, .GIF, .BMP, .JPG and .PCX used for extensions for bitmap art, vector art is denoted by extension .EPS and .SVG. Typically, .EPS files are used for printing, and .SVG files are used for rendering images on the Web.

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emergency plan documentDisaster recovery planning is a method of ensuring the business can operate smoothly with whatever may hit them and this can be anything form a recession to a tsunami.

Many businesses don’t have any kind of disaster recovery in place, and instead hope for the best.

While this is all well and good whilst things run smoothly, what happens when something happens that will adversely affect the business.

How will employees and employers cope?  What back up plans are there in place?

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When you talk about the business people who are making the biggest splashes in the current business landscape, you aren’t talking about old grey heads with years of schooling and business experience. As a matter of fact, you are talking about college dropouts and people who had no prior experience in their current businesses.

However, what you will find is the exuberance and fearlessness of youth finding new niches and trying new ideas, raising money like crazy and coming out with truly useful and relevant products.

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