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It’s not often we post infographics from other sites but we all read this one this morning and everyone in the office believed at least 3 of these myths. Personally my wife has been telling me for years that Oil stops stuck Pasta. Plus my mother and grandmother have always told me not to swim after eating. I’ll also be sure to reprimand my kids more and not put it down to sugar! Anyway Click Read More for the full Infographic

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We have made our first infographic, Hope you like it!

The BPMA has for the past few years, ran independent surveys across a large range of individuals in various industries and business sectors in the UK.

The surveys consist of various questions which have multiple choice answers. Using the data provided by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) we have constructed the infographic below.

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We are nearly finished setting up our competition giveaway system. Soon you will be able to submit designs and photos to our online galleries and receive votes. Runners up will get #FreeMerchandise through the post. And the overall winner will get a Place in our Hall of Fame, receive their printed product in the post and win the monthly competition star prize! (to be announced)     free-merchandise

We use shutter stock for a lot of our images. So we thought it was appropriate to share their colour trends infographic for 2014. Check out the infographic below to discover which colours are en vogue around the world, then scroll on to see which images they used to create it, and to explore six colourful image collections inspired by the 2014 Colour Trends infographic.

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the-watoto-missionWe are a group of young adults from the North East who want to offer our skills and experience to the Watoto Children’s Village organisation in Uganda. We were first inspired by the work of Watoto when we attended a concert by their travelling children’s choir in 2012.

We heard stories from the children about how Watoto has supported them to rebuild their lives. After shedding some tears listening to the heart-warming stories, the initial idea of visiting Watoto in Uganda came about and subsequently The Watoto Mission was formed.

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engage-sciencesAt Promo Gifts, we’re constantly thinking about the future of marketing and the best ways to integrate technology with live events, so we were thrilled when EngageSciences came to us in preparation for the annual Social Media Week in London.

Founded in 2010, EngageSciences focuses on using social media to gather quantifiable information for marketing departments. Their platform has already helped many major brands (including Nokia and A&N Media) to create outstanding social marketing programs. Needless to say, EngageSciences is pretty interested in the latest ways to harness the power of social media. That’s why they decided to attend Social Media Week, a popular conference that offered 250 events, a diverse line-up of speakers, close to 20,000 audience members, and plenty of promotional giveaways.

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How to Tell your Victorinox pen knife is realOur first product in depth feature is one of our favourites here at promo gifts. The victorinox spartan swiss army knife exudes quality and craftmanship that no other brand of pen knives comes close too.

Make sure your printed pen knives have the victorinox brand stamped into the blade. Promo Gifts UK is an authorised victorinox and maglite distributor. Please make sure you do not fall foul of imitations. Accept no substitutes, the victorinox spartan is one of the best pen knives available.

Click here to get a quote on Victorinox Printed Pen Knives

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Unfortunately, there have been many small business failures even though they have had unique products or services with excellent location to market them.

Contrary to popular belief, this situation can be linked more to inadequate marketing and promotion rather than an economic downturn.

So often, some small business owners tend to overlook the importance of exposure and promoting their businesses.

Here are some ways to promote your business without investing a lot of money.


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