5 Online Marketing Trends That SMB Owners Should Be Aware Of

Now that 2017 is in full swing, many small business owners are reflecting on the digital marketing realm and how it can be used to optimise their conversion rates this year. In 2016, small business owners watched social media become an increasingly powerful medium through which to enhance virability and optimise relationship-building processes.

Additionally, content marketing remained one of the most effective strategies to deploy for optimising visibility and conversion. Moving forward, it seems that 2017 will be marked by the following 5 online marketing trends:

1. Mobile Shift

As noted in Search Engine Land, Google has been testing a mobile-first index. This index will look at your website’s mobile version for ranking signals. It will resort to the desktop version in the event that no mobile version exists. With this reality in mind, business owners need to ensure that they’re using effective responsive web design strategies that make their product pages accessible across all platforms.

2. Content Still Rules

Just as content marketing was one of the most important and integral components to digital advertising in 2016, the production and publication of high-quality blog posts and web articles will remain central to successful campaigns in 2017.

One of the most important strategies to implement for the purpose of optimising content is making it scannable. As noted in “How Users Read On The Web,” most people quickly scan content rather than reading it word for word. As such, it’s important to shape your content with textual elements that optimise scannability like:

  • bullet points
  • headers
  • subheaders
  • numbered lists
  • infographics

Another wonderful strategy you can implement to optimise your content is by using it as a platform through which to announce a contest. Many if not most online users will get excited about a contest, especially if yours will include free prizes for winners. Be sure to use promotional products as one of the free prizes that you discuss in your content. Doing so will help optimise engagement with your brand.

3. Augmented Reality Is Rising

Augmented reality is a live indirect or direct view of a real-world, physical setting. The elements of this environment are augmented with computer-generated input such as graphics, video, and sound. This mediation of reality by a computer will become increasingly prevalent in 2017.

Pokemon Go is an example of this phenomenon. Business owners who wish to incorporate this exciting, interactive mode of recreating reality into their advertising plan will be able to do so by obtaining online marketing services from companies that specialise in augmented reality.

4. Native Advertising Gains Momentum

Native advertising is a type of paid media in which the ad conforms to the natural function and form of the user experience where it appears. More specifically, native ads match the visual design of their surrounding elements, and they resemble content.

There are several reasons why using native advertising is advantageous, including the fact that 25% more consumers look at these ads rather than standard banners. Additionally, 97% of mobile media buyers indicate that these ads were somewhat or very effective in helping them achieve their branding objectives.

5. Video Will Displace Blogging

This concept is fairly simple when we consider that people are more likely to watch a video than read a piece of content. In light of this reality, business owners who have invested time or money into the production of top notch blog posts may want to redirect their energies towards attaining digital marketing services for video production. Like other forms of content, videos will attract audiences when they are entertaining, innovative, and/or information-rich.

Don’t Delay: Obtain Savvy ONline Marketing Services Today!

As 2017 moves forward, business owners will note specific online marketing trends coming into full effect. Some of these trends include a mobile shift, emphasis on content marketing, rise of augmented reality, use of native advertising, and the displacement of blogging with videos.

With these ideas in mind, make sure that you find the right online marketing company so that your organisation can optimise its bottom line this year!

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