Month: March 2017

Today entrepreneurs sometimes help develop a positive, warm public image by adding their names and/or logos to promotional products advertising a local charity or community event. This strategy helps raise the profile of the worthy cause. It also demonstrates the firm’s good nature.

Most individuals care deeply about supporting activities designed to benefit others. Perhaps you harbour concern for protecting an endangered animal species? Possibly members of your firm donate their time to assist a local food bank? Or maybe they coach youth sports? These types of activities contribute value to the public at large.

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In business, there seems to be no end to the number of plans you have to write. From the big picture business plan that you draft before even starting up your dream company to the small, day-to-day marketing meeting plans you write to ensure you’re making the most of your team’s time, it can start to seem overwhelming.

Even though it can get to be a lot of work, one plan you don’t want to miss out on making is your marketing plan. After all, even the best business will fail in a short time if no one knows about it. Here a few of the things you’ll want your marketing plan to address:

Thoughtful marketing to increase impact

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Now that 2017 is in full swing, many small business owners are reflecting on the digital marketing realm and how it can be used to optimise their conversion rates this year. In 2016, small business owners watched social media become an increasingly powerful medium through which to enhance virability and optimise relationship-building processes.

Additionally, content marketing remained one of the most effective strategies to deploy for optimising visibility and conversion. Moving forward, it seems that 2017 will be marked by the following 5 online marketing trends:

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In this contemporary era, more and more business owners are recognising the power of integrating promotional products into their marketing process. In addition to optimising the relationship-building process, the use of the promotional product constitutes a form of free or near-free advertising for the brand.

While many business owners recognise these facts, not all of them know which techniques to implement for the purpose of optimising the promotional product marketing process. Here are three that can assist you:

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