Month: July 2016

Having recently incorporated videos on to Merchandise Ltd’s website for our products, we couldn’t agree more currently about how important Video Marketing has become. We stumbled across a fantastic infographic that really gets across just how important Video Marketing can be and why you should be incorporating it into your budget. Check it out below and find out what you’re missing out on!

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When it comes to working in schools, colleges or universities you may find it hard to provide students and staff alike with a lasting promotional product that can be used time and time again and appeal to many.

Promotional gifts, especially when used in education, need to be very useful in order to be retained and long lasting so that they hold up until the end of the school year in the hands of a student.


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silicone-wristband-main-imageReturning to check out our next Product in Depth in the month of July, we’ve got our eyes on the Silicone Wristbands! A widely popular and inexpensive promotional product that can see your company soar to new heights!

Wristbands have been a top choice for plenty of companies to promote their latest campaign. A promotional Silicone Wristband is a durable promotional gift that always has the capability of being in view, are proudly worn and seen as quite the fashion statement! The best gift is one you know you will net you returns, and last a long time… And with a silicon wristband you know you’ll have these covered.

Get your quick quote for our Promotional Silicone Wristbands here!

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As you know, we’re big fans of guerrilla marketing, and we’ve recently come across some news in Chicago that shows an absolutely brilliant level of execution that has caught the eyes of many across the city. This fantastic idea has come from the mind of a man called Sam Hayes.

Local to the area, Sam had been looking to advertise his new book “The Weather Man”, but with having to invest the high costs of advertising on a large scale… He had to find his own way around this issue, and did he ever!


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It’s not often we post infographics from other sites but we all read this one this morning and everyone in the office believed at least 3 of these myths. Personally my wife has been telling me for years that Oil stops stuck Pasta. Plus my mother and grandmother have always told me not to swim after eating. I’ll also be sure to reprimand my kids more and not put it down to sugar! Anyway Click Read More for the full Infographic

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