Month: April 2016

rulers-mainThis Month on our Product in Depth we will be taking a look at these brilliant personalised 15cm rulers! Our top selling ruler that beats out any of it’s opposing competition by a huge margin, no pun intended!

Some may think that rulers generally tend to be restricted to the education industry or targeted at children/younger audiences… While rulers do succeed incredibly here and should definitely be picked up for any such promotion, their ability to generate brand awareness doesn’t end there in the slightest!

Get your quick quote on these branded rulers today!

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As we near the end of April the temperatures are starting to creep up just that little bit more. It won’t be long until we are all laying down a towel for a little bit of sunbathing or picking the weeds out of a our beautiful flower beds. With the temperatures rising and the summer months fast approaching we’re beginning to get a nice positive buzz around the office.

With so many of us beginning to make plans and preparations for what we want to do in the nicer weather, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you our best items for promoting your brand this summer. Items that we feel will definitely see use and be sure to stick around! So without without delaying any further here’s our list of branded items perfect for putting your name on this summer.



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When it comes to working from home, it may seem like its a fantastic idea but in reality it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sure you’re able to get away from the daily commute and from any office politics so it sounds like nothing could be wrong with it but one of the important issues that most people working from home suffer with is a lack of connectivity.

Keeping connected is probably one of the most challenging, yet vital necessities for home-workers… You no longer have a physical presence within the office so it’s not like someone can come to your desk and pose a question, or ask for assistance so sometimes it can end up posing a problem.


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For a good number of years now, e-commerce websites have been a huge part of our lives and are only slated to increase in popularity and growth. So as someone who may be considering starting up such a business, it’s hard to see any drawbacks when it comes to sustainability and success.

e-commerce is a huge business attracting investment that can give a safety cushion away from the older days of setting up shop physically and pinning a lot of money on a potential gamble.


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We have made our first infographic, Hope you like it!

The BPMA has for the past few years, ran independent surveys across a large range of individuals in various industries and business sectors in the UK.

The surveys consist of various questions which have multiple choice answers. Using the data provided by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) we have constructed the infographic below.

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At Merchandise Ltd, we are always looking for the best way to ensure that a customer who receives their gift keeps it for as long as possible… However there are plenty of fantastic promotional goods that do this job for you without every having to worry! On our website, we have on offer a huge array of promotional gifts that our customers and clients all love just keeping on their person and carrying around where they go.


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Guerrilla Marketing is a very unique, hit and miss advertising method that seems to be all about making the right impact at the right time, and that can end up being quite the challenge of knowing when to utilise it. Keeping a keen eye out for any new developments in terms of news or industry will always provide a good indication of when the time is right.

Royal Caribbean have recently used such an event to their greatest advantage and marketed fantastically themselves through this opportunity!


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