Month: March 2016

Love Food Hate Waste have made it their mission to help reduce the amount of excess food we throw away. Each year we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink, most of which could still be eaten! They have made it their mission to drive this number down, providing a better impact on the environment whilst saving us all a bit of money.

check out our love food hate waste merchandise page

We at Merchandise Ltd applaud the movement and have started to build up a Love Food Hate Waste search function, filled with items aimed at helping you do your bit to reduce waste. This way our customers can easily find the perfect promotional product to fill their needs and help their own customers.

Love Food Hate Waste Blog

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If you’re a small company that’s just starting out, the last thing you think you could afford is probably some branded items in order to increase awareness of your business, due to promotional merchandise’s high quantity requirements. Worry no more however, as in recent times low quantity promotional gifts have increased in popularity along with accessibility so no matter what point you are at in business you should still be able to get your hands on a wide range of printed goods!

Merchandise Ltd have a low quantity section sorted and ready just for people like you looking for a low quantity purchase on their custom goods, which we advocate you check out! With it’s fantastic customiser as you go into product, you are able to handle every step of the process which includes the entire design of the branding for your product. So with that, you may question yourself about what kind of items you need/want to pick up, after all you are starting up or a small company and it may be hard to determine what may be good for you at the present time.


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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for our developers here at Merchandise. But finally the time has come for us to unveil our new index system. Customers can use the index to find exactly what they are looking for, faster and easier than ever before. It’s quite literally as easy to use as A – Z!

We are continually trying to improve the service which we can provide customers and the index system is a great way for us to do this. Whether a customer is after 1 product or 50, we are confident that the index system will provide a better experience by filtering out any unwanted items.

Index System

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When we come across marketing in the online world, we focus very heavily on social media, or google ad’s etc. but never really seem to touch upon the capabilities that video marketing has to offer in the grand scheme of things. In all honestly there is a lot of effort that can be put into a video marketing strategy to reap the rewards of a relatively untapped market. Read further below to find out some of the fantastic points we list off for you:


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It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that social media is one of the main uses for the internet for both personal and professional means. What is surprising is that many businesses only use one form of social media as a means of connecting with their customers. Whether this is because it’s more comfortable or easier to manage, we highly encourage you to expand your online presence by creating accounts for your business on the sites you aren’t currently using.

In today’s blog we’re going to give you some reasons why sticking to just one social media site could potentially be hindering you. Whatever reason you may have for sticking to just one site, we think you may re-evaluate your stance on the matter after reading through why we think this is a bad idea.


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Time and time again we are requested to create bespoke and unique wall planner templates for our clients and over the years have created too many to count! Since 2012 we have also been creating our very own year calendars for you to be able to download and print out yourselves! These UK calendars are available completely for free and are up for download in AI, EPS and PDF formats.


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Throughout the years, we have been asked from clients to create bespoke year calendars for them and have created hundreds of various different designs over these years. This 2018 wall planner template that we have available here is fully bespoke and customisable for you. Available for free and able to be downloaded in AI, EPS and PDF file formats, the world is your oyster with our year planners!


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pp-colour-pad-mainThis month, we will be looking at these Branded A4 PP Colour Pads, a best seller in our paper category that brings a bright impression of your company to customers and clients. Everyone can use a notepad, whether it be on or off the job, so the target audience that can receive this gift is huge and an ideal direction to head in when trying to appeal to all customers. Notepads are a fantastic promotional product to pair with a pen and will help solidify your brand in front of your recipients any time they come to use their gift.

Order or get your quote on the A4 PP Colour Pads here!

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