Month: January 2015

So you’re getting your small business on it’s way and putting your foot in the door of marketing. You want to expand your services out a bit further but don’t know where to go?

Below the Line advertising (BTL) is a method of sales promotion that is a small duration campaign which focuses on an immediate or delayed incentive to purchase products/services. Differing from Above the Line marketing (ATL), which uses mass media advertising on conventional mediums, BTL is more focused on directly communicating your promotion to a more targeted audience to maximise response.

Typically, BTL is an inexpensive form of advertising and can really set you aside from competitors. Bringing a more personal and targeted form of advertising will be sure to see you succeed. So with that, lets take a look at some examples on where you can start using BTL advertising to work for you!


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So, lets talk about niche markets. If you’re wondering what a niche market is, then feel free to read this comprehensive blog on niche marketing here. For the abridged version, a niche market is basically just a market where you target a specific audience with certain products/services. Although it sounds counter intuitive to appeal to less, the benefits lie in being able to charge more for a quality product/service and appealing to an audience where no one else can.

Small business fit in this little slot perfectly, because large companies have their broad range of customers, but they just can’t appeal to everyone by specialising in everything they do, you wouldn’t shop at ASDA’s for Gucci now would you? Of course thats a bit of an extreme point but you can understand the point being made!


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Engagement marketing is an incredibly effective marketing strategy that small businesses have been able to employ to help keep them in competition with larger businesses and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing this for your small business too. So what is engagement marketing?

Engagement marketing is a strategy that will give your audience and customers the ability to interact with you (and vice versa) giving your brand positive reinforcement. Through this, you will create an image where people are interested in listening to you.


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When it comes to small businesses, everyone tends to jump on to social media to increase their audience and for a good reason. It’s proven to be greatly effective and almost all companies are now utilising this way of marketing. However, small businesses are still veering away from event marketing.

A tactic presumed to be restricted only to larger companies with vast budgets, but with the popularisation of promotional staff being outsourced, there’s no reason your company can’t run a cost-effective event itself!


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