Month: June 2014

Mickey Mouse is recognised by 97% of Americans and millions more people around the world, making him an even more widely known fictional figure than Santa Claus. And most people have plenty of memories associated with that image—whether it’s a childhood trip to Disneyland, watching Disney movies, or even buying a Mickey Mouse wristwatch.

There’s a reason Disney has been so incredibly successful when it comes to branding, and there’s a lot that small business owners can learn from the company, no matter what you think of it. If you’re struggling to come up with a consistent image for your business, consider these branding lessons from Disney.disney-branding

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It’s an inevitably awkward situation: you’re meeting a client or business partner who you’ve been introduced to before, and they hold out a hand while saying, “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

Beyond just being embarrassing, having someone forget about you can have a negative impact on your career. If you’re an employee who flies under the radar, you may be passed over for promotions and leadership opportunities. It’s even worse if you’re an entrepreneur, because having a client or customer forget about your brand means you’re losing potential business.

So just how do you stick in a person’s mind? There are no Jedi tricks you can use, but there are some simple techniques and habits you can employ to make yourself stand out so your customer, client, or employer will remember you.stick-in-mind

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You don’t need to have millions or even thousands of dollars at your disposal to get a small business up and running. While we’ll admit that it would be tough to literally start a business with only pennies, many entrepreneurs have started successful businesses with a shoestring budget of less than $50. Here are some tips for how you too can get your business of the ground when money’s tight.get-business-off-ground

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It’s no secret that e-commerce websites have been changing the way business is conducted. Nowadays, plenty of people actually prefer to do their shopping and other business dealings online instead of in person.

But e-commerce sites are doing more than changing the way we shop—they’re also changing the way entrepreneurs think, with more and more businessmen and women starting new e-commerce sites.

If a start-up e-commerce website might be in your future, there are a few important tips you should keep in mind. Here’s what NOT to do with your e-commerce site:things-not-to-do

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