Month: January 2014

The debate over the job interview versus the resume has raged on for centuries.

Okay, maybe it hasn’t been going on that long, but it’s one that seems to be occupying a lot of employers’ and job seekers’ minds lately. We all want to know which element of the job application process is the most important to the people actually doing the hiring.

Unfortunately, it’s not an easy question to answer. Recruiters certainly don’t spend as much time looking at first-round resumes as job seekers spend writing them (the average amount of time for recruiters to look over a resume is six seconds!), but job seekers can’t slack on the resume because you need it in order to even be considered for an interview. Then, if you get to the interview stage, you may need to refer back to and expand on your resume, but you also need to focus on showing you’ve got the right kind of personality to be a good employee.Interview vs resume

Although every company is different and there’s no way to come up with a good definitive answer, let’s take a look at both the resume and interview to see where their value lies – and how a job seeker can use them together to impress employers.

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By now you may have realised that regularly updating a blog with unique content can help boost your website in the search engine rankings and make more web users aware of your brand. You may have even started a blog that you update every week in the hopes that new leads would start pouring in… only to discover that no one seems to be reading it. What gives? What have other businesses done in order to get potential customers to read their blog content?

Blogging Strats

You may already excel at certain types of writing, but if you have limited experience with blogging, you might not have mastered some of the strategies that make a blog appeal to readers. Here are just a few things you can try to boost your blog’s popularity.

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With our constant exposure to technology, it’s easy to get caught up in innovative online marketing practices and dedicating resources to predicting the Next Big Thing (fingers crossed for ads on the side of hover cars). However, even while we use technology in marketing, we shouldn’t lose sight of that old tried and true marketing technique: word of mouth.Word Of Mouth Advertising

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It’s every marketer’s dream: you display your logo in a public place, or someone brings up your brand name in conversation, and everyone around instantly recognizes it. Becoming a household name is getting harder and harder in a world where people are constantly exposed to advertising and can easily perform an online search for whatever niche product they need, but there are still plenty of business giants who have managed it. Here’s a look at 5 brands that we all know and how they got us to recognize them.

Credit: Iakov Filimonov, Shutterstock

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5 Up and Coming Social Media Sites

While reports of Facebook’s death have been greatly exaggerated, it seems clear now that businesses need to extend their online marketing efforts beyond the social media giant if businesses want to reach the most new customers. The social media landscape is constantly changing, and the marketers who manage to tap into up-and-coming platforms before their competitors are the ones who are going to have the greatest success in 2014.

Up and Coming Social Media Sites

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Industry trade shows can be sprawling events filled with a labyrinth of booths and eager vendors attempting to lure attendees over with gimmicky giveaways.

If you’re participating in a trade show with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other vendors, you might be wondering how you could possibly a.) Stand out from the clamoring masses and b.) Make attendees remember your product, not just your booth.

There’s no one surefire way to making your booth the belle of the trade show, but there are definitely techniques that you can use to have better conversations and collect stronger leads. Make your next trade show appearance a success by following these tips.

Trade show / exhibition in progress

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