Month: October 2012

Being in a role where you essentially work alone can be a daunting position.

lonely person on swingAnd this is even more so if you’re a manager, trying to juggle managing a business and making those all important decisions that will guide the future of the organisation.

That’s why you shouldn’t work alone.

Although the job you do and the decisions you make will be made by you, you still need some form of support to guide you.

And this support can come in many forms, but it often doesn’t come to you, you need to go find it for yourself.

But managers often find it hard to make that first step.

And a support network always runs 2 ways, it’s not just about them supporting you, you need to support them in their decisions too.

So here’s a few ways you can reach out to others and create yourself a support network.

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officeLocation can often form a large part of the success of a business – even for online businesses.

Having the right kind of office environment is important for both customers and staff and can create the vital impression and branding that you will need to propel your business.

For online businesses, it’s not only the best staff environment you are creating but there is an increasing use of google street maps to take a look at businesses and check out where they are.  So whatever location you choose, choose it well.

Here’s a little help with how to go about making the decision.

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person getting flu jabSo flu season is upon us again and businesses can either prepare for the worst or hope for the best, either way there is always a risk of staff being hit by flu during the winter months.

And when deciding how you will tackle the flu season, the best question to ask yourself is how much could or would a flu epidemic in your workplace effect your business.

So here’s a little background information to help you decide how to tackle the flu in your workplace.

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job description checklistEvery position within any organisation should have a job description.

It doesn’t matter the hours the job works or the role they play a job description will give a clear indication of what’s expected as far as responsibilities go.

Job descriptions will also help attract the right people for the job.

Having a clear and concise job description will mean it is obvious to potential candidates what the job entails.

It will provide a snapshot of the job and ensure applicants understand the role before applying.

And all job descriptions within the organisation should use the same template – no matter what level within the organisation the role is.

Having this standardisation will help the organisation as a whole to understand where each job fits what responsibility lies where.

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A new craze has hit London underground – one that few people will notice but those that do are sure to chuckle.

Stickers are being put up all over the underground in an attempt to add some humour to the somewhat dullness of a typical underground journey.  They can be purchased online for as little as £2 each and come in many shapes and sizes.

And they are starting to get peoples attention.

They use the same font and branding as TFL but turn the typical warning sign or underground map into something a bit more fun.  

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The first of a few more templates that I have setup to assist customers with setting up wall planners.

We often get asked to create bespoke wall planners for clients and have created various different designs for various years.

They are fully bespoke and you can change the colours and add your own advertising and even change the days and add bank holidays and other events that may fit your annual calendar.

I was going to post all of these seperatly but for ease of use and access I decided to put them all in one blog post.  I hope that makes things easier for you 🙂

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Pumpkin for promotional product at halloweenHalloween is just around the corner and whether you love it or hate it, its an event which you could use to increase your brand awareness.

Love it or hate it, Halloween is an internationally celebrated event, with many people both old and young getting involved.

And its not just trick or treaters, there are many ways you could use Halloween as a way advertising yourself and showing a different side of your business.

So here are some ways you could get yourself involved, and bring out your fun spooky side.

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