Month: July 2012

induction post itAn induction is an essential part of a new employees start with your business.

Having an effective induction in place will give a new employee a firm basis for which to begin working and will begin to enable them to perform their job whilst creating an awareness of the businesses ethos and culture.

Giving new employees an induction will help them to feel settled in their new environment in which can often be a stressful time for anyone.

The induction will take place over a period of time – there is a lot of ground to cover even in a small company so having a checklist in place will help ensure you cover everything and provide you with a sheet to go in personnel files detailing the induction given.

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A Guide to Policy Writing

policy clipboardThis blog is going to look how to get started with policy writing and what policies you need to have in place legally, as well as those you should have in place for good practice.

Many businesses do not realise that regardless of size, there are some policies every business must have by law and this is to cover yourself as well as the employee

  The areas to be covered are:

  • What a policy should include
  • The process of policy development and review
  • Sample and Template Policies
  • Essential Policies
  • Good Practice Policies

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expectation towerBefore you have even opened the door of a shop you have set yourself an expectation.  There are certain things that of expected of that shop – a sign detailing what if has to offer, a welcoming environment inside, easy to navigate layout and friendly helpful staff.        

But this is just the minimum – being able to exceed a person’s expectations is what’s going to set you apart from your competition.

1. Under promise and over deliver – this is the best way to be able to exceed expectations.

Obviously don’t promise something at a very low standard then delivery an average standard as that would defeat the purpose but never set yourself up for failure.  Targets on delivery are often an area businesses fail on and then the blame is shifted on the postal services – but this shouldn’t be the case, we all know that postal services have limitations so these should be integrated into your original expectation.  Be realistic with what you can achieve and then if you do exceed this then you will increase your customer satisfaction.

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child playingWatching people and thinking about my own behaviour I’ve noticed how differently people behave when they are with children.

A silliness gene seems to come out of nowhere to create a singing, dancing childlike adult that can put a smile on any child’s face.  And anyone seems to have this ability to become young again, not only those who already have children.

But the main thing I’ve noticed is the creative side that comes out whilst playing with children.

Paper sword fights, pretend pirate games, dress up animal games – all these take imagination and creativity on the adults part as well as the child’s.  So is creativity within us all?

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This blog is going to be a 3 part blog on Health and Safety and the main things you need to consider as a small company.  It’s not intended to cover everything you should cover but details what you must cover by law as well as a few good practise ideas you might also want to implement.  The following areas are going to be covered during the 3 parts.

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