Month: May 2012

Below we have started to build a great collection of Fundraising Ideas.

We are building on this all the time and welcome any additional ideas to be posted in the comments below.

You are welcome to use any of the cartoons/pictures in this post for your own blogs as we had them especially commissioned. 

 Girl Running a Race1 – Run a Marathon

Getting sponsored to run a marathon is one of the top ways to raise money for the charity or cause you support.

You can use a service like “Just Giving” to make it easy for friends, family or work colleagues to sponsor you.

Why not dress up as something weird to get into the Guinness book of records? Or… maybe carry a fridge all 26 miles?

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I’m a bit of an old hard house fan and I follow the Tidy Boys on facebook still. Although getting a bit old for going clubbing now I get a bit nostalgic every now and then.

I was driving home from London to Kent this evening listening to the Tidy Boys Weekender 2 CD in my car tonight bouncing away!  Anyway reminiscing on this post was not my plan.

Angie Mozart, one of the Tidy Boys better halves has a business that I would like to tell you about. When you really want to say thank-you to a supplier or a client why not send something sweet?

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This is the first of our monthly series series that will be based on what can I get someone to do for a Fiverr to promote our company. Lets get creative!  After watching Bumfights I’d love to get someone to tattoo our logo on each cheek but I don’t think that would be all that politically correct.

I saw this stop motion video of someone drawing a promotional message with a sharpie marker and thought it was not only relevant but pretty cool to watch.

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We have recently been asked to print QR codes on promotional products. We have had great success with these ingenious little checker boards. That’s what we like to call them anyway.

Here are some useful posts about printing QR codes.

Did you know that these little gems can store more complex information and not just a simple website address? Check out some of these advanced QR codes below.

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When you request a quotation from us we will always ask you if you want us to make you a PDF visual so that you can see how your logo looks on the product you are enquiring about.

We Do Not Charge for This Service!

All that we ask is that you reply to the quotation email with the artwork in an Outlined Vector Format EPS file.

PDF or Illustrator AI file is also ok, so long as the artwork is vectored.  We can also in some cases accept hi resolution JPG images.  It depends what you are printing onto and how you are printing.

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Over the years we have found many factories in China for wholesale promotional products.  It can sometimes be quite hairy dealing with the far east as you have little or no comeback if the goods come in and are not upto standard. At least if you buy off a company in the UK you have some comeback on quality of product and print.

We have learnt over the years who we can trust and have built up a handful of reliable, good quality suppliers.  We do have some language barriers that tend to be more a source of amusement, than a difficulty when dealing with the far east.

Some of our favourite phrases:

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