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You may have thought about handing out a series of free promotional items to your public. The idea may have popped into your head because you read about this tactic working wonders for one of your rivals. However, you may be wondering just how much it cost them to print up these free giveaway items. And you may also be sceptical as to the long-term benefits that really come from mounting such a campaign. 

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If you are just starting out in business, you may not have the largest budget. As a result, you may find yourself very limited in what you can do to promote yourself. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find very effective ways to achieve this important goal. You can promote your business to an increasingly wider audience without having to sustain a major dent in your operating budget. The key is to find ways to order promo items that you can afford. To do this, you need to know where to find the kind of products that work best for a business with a limited budget.

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You may be experiencing a serious downturn in the fortunes of your business. Perhaps you aren’t getting the hits to your website that you need to sustain interest. Maybe your social media promo campaigns aren’t creating much of a buzz.

There may be any number of reasons why business is down, but one thing is clear: You need to adopt every means in your power to get it back up to acceptable levels. There are plenty of solutions that are free to adopt. Perhaps you might start with one of the best and most reliable methods of building a buzz for your business.

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In business, there seems to be no end to the number of plans you have to write. From the big picture business plan that you draft before even starting up your dream company to the small, day-to-day marketing meeting plans you write to ensure you’re making the most of your team’s time, it can start to seem overwhelming.

Even though it can get to be a lot of work, one plan you don’t want to miss out on making is your marketing plan. After all, even the best business will fail in a short time if no one knows about it. Here a few of the things you’ll want your marketing plan to address:

Thoughtful marketing to increase impact

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It’s no secret that one of the business owner’s primary concerns is obtaining a progressively bigger bottom line. Yet at some point, many company leaders will run out of ideas to ensure that they can optimise conversion rates. If you’re interested in ensuring that your company can increase sales, it’s important to know that you can use promotional products to accomplish the objective. Learn more by reviewing the short outline found below:


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If you are the proud owner of your own business, you already know that your good reputation means everything. One of your top priorities as a business owner will be to keep your name in the news, with your reputation intact. To do this, you may need to adopt certain promotional methods, such as handing out free gift items.


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At Merchandise Ltd, we are always talking about how your business can use social media to increase it’s brand presence along with how essential it can be towards creating success. It’s an often overlooked medium of promotion and marketing for your company that if you choose to forego, you could be looking at thousands of missed opportunities.

This involves not only effectively communicating with your audience to give a better brand image but also to help market your products, services or ideas that will be seen far more than you could imagine. But amongst all of that, one thing that has been trying to happen with social media is the incorporation of commerce, and this infographic will help take you through its history, current state and its future, helping you realise how valuable of a tool it can be for you.


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Now it’s not often we get the luxury of seeing such a great infographic made for the purposes of promotional merchandise… So it was a great find to stumble across this fantastic infographic which goes to explain just how indispensable promotional products can be when utilised in your marketing campaigns or general promotions. In this infographic you will find out plenty of well sourced and good information on how prevalent these branded gifts are, how much is spent and how often these promotional products are used!

Although the infographic does come from American sources, it still translates very well to the UK and can work as a brilliant guideline tool for your next promotion. Check it out, click the image below to see it!


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